Betty’s ULC

 Posted by on October 3, 2023
Oct 032023

Betty is waking up in bed with her ULC and her broken legs are painful. She immediately starts moaning about her broken legs and pulls back the cover to reveal her ULC. She props her leg up on a pillow and reads a book as she wiggles her toes. She tries moving to different positions to try and get more comfortable. From her POV, she moans about her poor broken legs. She’s hungry and dehydrated so she calls a friend to try and get them to come help her but they’re not able to come. Realizing that she must fend for herself, she figures out how to get out of bed and onto the floor. She painfully drags her cast over to the steps and begins scooting herself down. She’s not sure what to do when she reaches the bottom, so she tries pulling herself on her stomach, on her side and her butt. In the kitchen, she uses her arm strength to pull herself up onto a chair and gets a drink of water. Finally, she makes her way to a comfy chair in the living room.

Price: $20 | 25 Min | 1080P

Jessica Lynn’s ULC

 Posted by on September 5, 2021
Sep 052021

Jessica’s back from vacation with a hot new tan and I was already at her place to do the shoot with Chase, so we decided to do a ULC shoot. It was her idea that only one of her legs is broken, but her doctor inexplicably casted both of her legs together. For the first ten or fifteen minutes, Jessica whines and complains about her situation while trying to find a comfortable position on the couch. Later, her broken leg is hurting and she realizes that her nurse left her meds upstairs. She is angry about this and decides that she’s going to make her way upstairs to get them. Over the next twenty minutes, she struggles and crawls her way across the floor and up the stairs, all the way onto her bed.

Price: $20 | 39 Min | 1080P

Nikki’s Candid ULC

 Posted by on January 21, 2021
Jan 212021

In this candid style clip, the sexy Nikki is in a ULC for the first time and she’s having a blast with it. First, she’s pulled into the living room in a wagon and dragged onto the couch by Jessica Lynn where everyone starts doing signatures. I get some nice closeups of her toes as her cast is being decorated. After that, she scoots off the couch and starts crawling across the floor. She climbs up on a lounge chair and poses in different hot positions on video so I can grab stills for a gallery later. Nikki does not fail to entertain as she clearly loves the attention. After several minutes of sexy posing, she gets back on the floor and slowly pulls herself up the stairs. When she gets to the bed, she doesn’t think she can get up there, but manages to do it anyway. Once on the bed, she goes through another round of sexy poses in all the positions she can manage. Finally, she scoots back down the stairs. There’s not really a dull moment as Nikki talks and makes funny commentary the entire time.

Price: $20 | 38 Min | 1080P

Rene’s Broken Nose

 Posted by on October 9, 2020
Oct 092020

This clip starts off with a POV shot of Rene coming up and talking shit to a girl she’s got a problem with. Next thing you know Rene has been punched in the nose. Cut to later and Rene has a broken nose with a plaster splint taped over it. She checks herself out in the mirror and is not happy about how she looks. Later, in another POV shot, she vents to you (her friend) about the fight, how embaressed she is about her face and how it feels. After that, you walk and talk with her down the street. After that, she tries to drink from a drinking fountain. Finally, we just observe her as she lays around looking at her phone.

Price: $10 | 21 Min | 1080P

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Angel’s Broken Nose and Pink LAC

 Posted by on August 12, 2020
Aug 122020

Poor Angel was already in a pink LAC when she ran into a post on her back porch and broke her nose. She pinches her nose and calls a friend for help. Back from the hospital, she’s looking at herself in the mirror for the first time and is not happy with what she sees. She brushes her hair the best she can and then makes herself something to eat in the kitchen. She drops some food and has to get on the floor to pick it up. We watch as Angel copes with her appearance and nose pain. In the final scene you’re Angel’s friend as she hangs out with you and vents to you about her situation.

Price: $10 | 32 Min | 1080P

Or get the clip plus over 100 images from this shoot in 10MP resolution for $15!

Bree’s Light Blue ULHS

 Posted by on February 13, 2020
Feb 132020

Bree finds it quite difficult to move around when her lower body, from below her chest to her toes, it turned into stiff, dead weight. Using her upper body and abs, she’s able to move a little bit, with a little encouragement and some occaisional physical help. Not sure what to call this extended ULC so for now I’m calling it a ULHS. This clip starts with Bree just trying to move small distances and get on furniture and at the end, she moves the best she can to pose for the camera.

Price: $10 | 12 Min | 1080P

Or get the clip plus over 400 images from this shoot in 10MP resolution for $15!

Riley’s Red Pirate PLC

 Posted by on November 12, 2019
Nov 122019

Before we continue with the second half of Angel’s video, here’s a special Halloween Fantacast with Riley. I hadn’t made a PLC in a while, so we decided to do a pirate theme and give her a peg leg. I had an old tripod around, so I ripped off one of its legs to use for Riley’s peg. This clip shows Riley learning to walk on it, first with a walker and then without it. Full disclosure, the peg turned out to be weak and cut the shoot short. Let me know if you have any feedback on this type of cast.
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Price: $10 | 10 Min | 1080P

Or get the clip plus over 400 images from this shoot in 10MP resolution for $15!

Angel’s Pink ULC

 Posted by on September 26, 2019
Sep 262019

This is a very candid clip of Angel moving around the house in a ULC. Instead of doing any pretending, I told her that I’m just going to film all the in-between picture action. She scoots and crawls around the house as best she can. She really had a hard time going up the stairs in this cast. If you want to see what it’s really like to do a shoot with Angel, watch this clip!

Price: $15 | 24 Min | 1080P

Or get the clip plus over 300 images from this shoot in 10MP resolution for $20!

Geena’s ULC

 Posted by on June 3, 2019
Jun 032019

The beautiful Geena is at home in a ULC (uni leg cast) over some black pantyhose. After trying to get comfortable on the couch for a bit, she attempts to get to the kitchen for a glass of water. It’s an ordeal as she realizes she’s not going to be able to use her crutches and has to crawl. After she does that and makes it back, she decides to attempt the stairs. Geena told me that going up the stairs was one of the hardest things she’s ever done! While she’s up there, she takes off her dress so she’s only wearing her pantyhose, thong, and lingerie. She comes back down the stairs on her stomach, which provides the camera with a nice view!

Price: $10 | 23 Min | 1080P

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Hailey and Wendy’s ULC, DLAC

 Posted by on February 13, 2019
Feb 132019

In this clip, Hailey and Wendy are both in DLACs and the middle one casted together into a ULAC. First the attempt to sign each other’s casts and then it’s time to decorate the tree. When it comes time to eat, they really need each other’s help because they can’t do anything on their own.

Price: $15 | 20 Min | 1080P

Or get the clip plus 100 stills from this shoot in 10MP resolution for $20!

Angel’s Super High Pink DLLWC

 Posted by on August 7, 2018
Aug 072018

Angel is in two very high pink LLWCs walking on crutches in public areas and around the neighborhood. Her toes look beautiful with pink nail polish, hanging out of her casts, as she carefully steps down the sidewalk. After lots of walking outdoors, she does some tasks at home and then talks about her DLLC experience.

Price: $25 | 43 Min | 1080P

Or get the clip plus 215 images from this shoot in 10MP resolution for $30!

Jessica Lynn’s Super High Purple DSLWC

 Posted by on July 16, 2018
Jul 162018

Jessica Lynn is in two SUPER high purple SLWCs and walking at the park with crutches on a hot summer day. She comments on what it’s like as she walks. I somehow messed up the left one, so it’s even more awkward for her to walk in them. She takes a break to prop up her huge SLCs and wiggle her dangling toes.

Price: $15 | 21 Min | 1080P

Or get the clip plus 300 images from this shoot in 10MP resolution for $20!

Jessica Lynn’s Purple SJ & DSLC

 Posted by on June 8, 2018
Jun 082018

Evidently, some of Jessica’s friends thought it would be funny to cast her up in a purple fiber straight jacket and two pointed SLCs and leave her like that for the weekend. Needless to say, Jessica is not a happy camper. She finds a note saying “I can’t believe you wanted to stay like this the whole weekend!”. After coming to grips with the situation, Jessica has to figure out how she’s going to eat, drink, and possibly escape her apartment and get help.

Price: $30 | 27 Min | 1080P

Or get the clip plus 150 images from this shoot in 10MP resolution for $35!

Angel’s Super High Blue DSLWC

 Posted by on May 13, 2018
May 132018

Angel is in two super high SLWCs and she’s taking a walk down a trail at the park with crutches. The camera gets lots of low angle closeups of her walking along as her cute toes hang over the front edge. Later, she walks around the kitchen making herself some lunch. She takes a break to wiggle her toes and then goes outside in the yard to play on her casts some more.
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Price: $20 | 33 Min | 1080P

Or get the clip plus 400 images from this shoot in 10MP resolution for $25!

Victoria and Angel’s Christmas Eve ULC

 Posted by on January 3, 2018
Jan 032018

Victoria and Angel wake up on the couch Christmas Eve with their legs casted together in a ULC! Based on Angel’s previous behavior, this has to be her doing. The ULC looks like a big stocking with a white top and green stripe. Victoria accuses Angel of drugging her because she has no idea how this happened. Angel says that she just wanted to spend some time with Victoria and if she does five activities with her then the cast can come off.

Price: $20 | 37 Min | 1080P

Or get the clip plus 90 images from this shoot in 10MP resolution for $25!

Dec 072017

With casts taking inspiration from bondage, Amanda’s high heel SLCs (from way back), and the art of Excilion, Jessica Lynn is a casted french maid looking beautiful with her black hair. “This house needs to be spotless when master gets home”, she says and she starts cleaning up the kitchen. Her arms are bound behind her back with a spreader bar, limiting her reach. Her high heeled SLCs are open toe. Follow Jessica as she does her work around the house in her casts, tries to eat, and finally struggles to get herself up off the floor!

Price: $30 | 33 Min | 1080P

Or get the clip plus 200 images from this shoot in 10MP resolution for $35!

Victoria and Angel’s SJ and DSLC Weekend

 Posted by on September 23, 2017
Sep 232017

Angel loves casts and doing Cast Fetish shoots. Her sister not so much. Angel has convinced her sister to do this photo shoot with her, and Victoria agrees because it pays well. Little does Victoria know that she has been set up by her sister to spend the entire three day weekend in casts together! They start out posing for pictures when Angel gives the photographer the nod to leave. Once he’s gone, there’s nothing Angel can do to change it and she reveals her plan to Victoria. Needless to say, Victoria is not a happy camper. How will Victoria handle it? Will Angel feel bad? Will they be able to work together? Watch and see!

Price: $30 | 41 Min | 1080P

Or get the clip plus 130 images from this shoot in 10MP resolution for $35!

Bella’s Pantaloon SJ

 Posted by on July 21, 2016
Jul 212016

07/21/16 – In this clip, Bella is casted in a pantaloon/straighjacket combo and tries to do some stuff on her own, but finds out that she can really only walk when she’s helped up and that’s about it. She has her friend Eugene help her up and get comfortable and spot her when she’s afraid of falling.

Resolution: 1080P

Running Time, 17 Min.

Price: $14

Or get the clip plus a 50 image gallery in 10MP resolution for only $18

Bella’s Green SJ

 Posted by on February 4, 2016
Feb 042016

02/28/16 – Here’s the clip from Bella’s Green Straightjacket. In this 19 minute clip, she gets out of bed, makes it and then tries to do several things around the house and finds that she must use her feet for most of them. This time there’s nobody around to assist her.

Resolution: 1080P

Running Time, 19 Min.

Price: $15

Or get the clip plus 85 images from this set, in 10MP resolution, for only $18


 Posted by on January 18, 2016
Jan 182016

belladslcdsacbellasatsllc01/18/16 – This was a sort of spontaneous shoot that happened when I decided to postpone the shoot that I really wanted to do. I think this is a first for me, casting the left arm and leg together and the same with the right side. It’s very simple, but it’s impressive what she CAN’T do while in these casts. In the clip, she wakes up in the casts, next to a body made out of casts (her cast collection) and struggles to get out of them, get to a phone, or get to the door. Finally she is rescued by her friend that shows up.


Resolution: 1080P

Running Time, 25 Min.

Price: $18

Briana’s Teapot SS

 Posted by on November 21, 2015
Nov 212015

2015-11-2111/21/15 – In this clip, Briana is in a “teapot” SS. You know, like “here is my handle, here is my spout”. She has some cleaning to do before company arrives, so she attempts to sweep the kitchen floor and do some dishes. Then she finds out that she’s being picked up so so attempts to put on shoes and a jacket. All these things, she attempts to do but is not very successful. Download now to check it out!

Resolution: 1080P

Running Time, 14 Min

Price: $12

Or get the clip plus 80 images from this set, in 10MP resolution, for only $15