Nikki’s Candid ULC

 Posted by on January 21, 2021
Jan 212021

In this candid style clip, the sexy Nikki is in a ULC for the first time and she’s having a blast with it. First, she’s pulled into the living room in a wagon and dragged onto the couch by Jessica Lynn where everyone starts doing signatures. I get some nice closeups of her toes as her cast is being decorated. After that, she scoots off the couch and starts crawling across the floor. She climbs up on a lounge chair and poses in different hot positions on video so I can grab stills for a gallery later. Nikki does not fail to entertain as she clearly loves the attention. After several minutes of sexy posing, she gets back on the floor and slowly pulls herself up the stairs. When she gets to the bed, she doesn’t think she can get up there, but manages to do it anyway. Once on the bed, she goes through another round of sexy poses in all the positions she can manage. Finally, she scoots back down the stairs. There’s not really a dull moment as Nikki talks and makes funny commentary the entire time.

Price: $20 | 38 Min | 1080P

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