Elizabeth’s Yellow LLC & Janet’s DLAC

 Posted by on April 29, 2023
Apr 292023

Welcome Elizabeth and Janet to Fanacast. Elizabeth and Janet were drunk one night when they tripped over each other and fell down the stairs. Now Elizabeth’s in a bright yellow LLC and Janet has two long arm casts. At first, they sit on the couch whining about their painful broken limbs and then contemplate how they’re going to survive the next several weeks with these casts. After about ten minutes of feeling sorry for themselves, Elizabeth gets and itch in her cast and needs Janet to itch it for her. Janet’s hungry and so Elizabeth says she will help her eat if she helps her put on pajama pants and get her crutches. Janet can’t find Elizabth’s crutches so after they get her pajama pants on, Janet has to help Elizabeth hop to the kitchen. In the kitchen Elizabeth gets Janet a snack while Janet helps Elizabeth hop around. They bring some animal crackers back to the couch and Janet tries to eat some herself but has a hard time and Elizabeth has to feed her.

Price: $10 | 20 Min | 1080P