Scarlett’s LLC

 Posted by on December 8, 2018
Dec 082018

Once you get past the fact that I accidentally filmed this clip in “standard definition” with my action cam (D’oh!), you’ll find that it’s still a great clip. Scarlette crutches around the apartment, hops around the kitchen, makes her way up the stairs and takes plenty of time to rest her leg and wiggle her toes.

Resolution: 1080P

Running Time, 14 Min.

Price: $10

Or get the clip plus over 350 images from this shoot in 10MP resolution for $15!

Scarlett’s Purple LLC

 Posted by on June 29, 2018
Jun 292018

This is an observational clip starting with the camera approaching Scarlett’s window. You’ve got a perfect view of Scarlett trying to get comfortable in her cast on the couch as she stretches and moves her legs and toes.

Price: $10 | 12 Min | 1080P

Or get the clip plus 300 images from this shoot in 10MP resolution for $15!