Lexi’s Platform DSLWC

 Posted by on December 11, 2020
Dec 112020

Sexy Lexi is confused by her new casts. She doesn’t understand how she needs casts that are so extremely high off the ground. She is happy that her toes look cute at least. She spends some time to examine and get comfortable with them. She contemplates how she will be able to walk in them. Lexi practices standing a bit and manages to keep her balance. Later, she ventures out to a parking garage where she can practice walking while holding on to something. After a bit of practice, she lets go of the wall and starts attempting to keep her balance without holding on to anything. She walks down stairs. She plays around at the park, practicing walking in the grass. Finally, Lexi is out on the streets, walking tall and keeping her balance, looking down at passers by.

Price: $15 | 27 Min | 1080P

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Lexi’s Black LLC

 Posted by on July 19, 2020
Jul 192020

This is actually Lexi’s first shoot, even though I’ve already posted one Lexi set on CF and one on FC. She had a great attitude from the get go. Her long, tan leg is casted in a nice, smooth black LLC that goes all the way up. In this clip, Lexi crutches around a downtown area, crutching up and down stairs for the first time. After about ten minutes of crutching footage, I get a beautiful indoor studio shot of her wiggling casted toes.
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Price: $15 | 17 Min | 1080P

Or get the clip plus over 1100 images from this shoot in 10MP resolution for $20!

Lexi’s Blue LLWC

 Posted by on June 18, 2020
Jun 182020

Lexi’s in a blue LLWC and boot walking around in this 20 minute clip. It starts with a long continuous shot from the front of Lexi walking mixed with some low angle close-up shots of her feet. She walks up stairs and stops periodically to wiggle her toes for the camera. Log in now to check out this action packed clip!
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Price: $15 | 20 Min | 1080P

Or get the clip plus over 800 images from this shoot in 10MP resolution for $20!

Lexi’s Yellow SLC

 Posted by on May 24, 2020
May 242020

Welcome hot new model Lexi! Lexi is beautiful, laid back and has long tan legs. She showed up in a big Doc Martin with a thick heel. I was focused mostly on pictures for this shoot, but I still got about seven and a half minutes of quality crutching and toe wiggling footage out on the city streets so check it out!
Bonus: The BUNDLE includes over 700 images not seen on CF!

Price: $7 | 7 Min | 1080P

Or get the clip plus over 1000 images from this shoot in 10MP resolution for $12!