Isola’s LLC

 Posted by on March 3, 2024
Mar 032024

Old school CF viewers may recognize Isola from a shoot many years ago and then I lost touch with her, but I always wanted to do more shoots because she’s cute and has nice feet. She’s not super comfortable with acting, but I wanted to see what she can do so she does act a little bit in this clip. Isola comes home with a fresh LLC and a broken leg. She’s got tube socks over her toes as well. She crutches to the couch where she tries to elevate her leg and get it comfortable. For the sock lovers, she leaves on the socks as she wiggles her toes, which we see from different angles. But then she has an itch and needs to pull the sock off so she can itch inside her cast. Itching her foot with the butter knife is almost orgasmic for her. Next, she calls a friend to tell him all about her situation and how much it sucks. We see lots of beautiful shots of her wiggling toes as she talks. He volunteers to come and help her out. She makes a crutching trip to the kitchen but bangs her cast and decides she wants to lay down in bed so she painfully makes her way up the stairs and in bed where she tries different positions and does some stretches.

Price: $15 | 27 Min | 1080P