Betty’s Content Creator Leg Break LLC

 Posted by on June 13, 2024
Jun 132024

We find Betty at the start of this clip taking a jog on a paved trail at a park. When she gets to a slippery patch of mud, she slips and falls to the ground. She’s immediately sure she’s broken something. She takes a moment to just breath and clutch onto her leg. She eventually gets up on one foot and hops over to the nearest picnic bench where she slowly takes off her shoe. She realizes that she doesn’t have her phone and that she’s going to have to hop to her car, so she painfully puts her shoe back on and hops back to her car and gets inside. Next, we see Betty in an LLC talking to her friend on the phone about needed to ramp up her content creation now that she’s going to be off work for a while. The friend agrees to come over and film her in her cast for her fans pages. Before you arrive, she does a live Q&A stream for her friends where she talks about what her cast is like and how it feels and what her love life is like. She talks for a long time and carefully moves her casted toes to the camera for her fans. When her friend arrives to film her, he films everything, including her bumping her cast into things and hurting her leg even more. Finally, she notices you being aroused by her cast while filming her.

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Or Buy it in 4K UHD for $4 more ($24). Large file size, H.265 codec: not for older computers and devices.

Betty’s SS & Elbow Brace

 Posted by on May 18, 2024
May 182024

Betty is laid up in bed miserable in a shoulder spica, neck brace and arm brace. She was in an accident with Alisha who was driving but just ended up with a boot. Now she’s with Betty to help her and try to make her more comfortable. She sits Betty up and gives her something to drink. Betty needs to do physical therapy on her left arm so she instructs Alisha on how to take her arm brace off. They move her arm around as they talk about how long she’s going to have her brace and cast on. Alisha takes off Betty’s neck brace and puts some pants on her and they head to the living room where Betty has to do some work on her laptop, using her left hand. They talk about the cast, dating in the cast and the accident while she works and then Alisha helps Betty put some shoes and socks on and a big hoodie over her cast. Next, they’re at the grocery store looking for some snacks. After that, they take a walk at the park and stop at a table so Alisha can feed Betty some snacks. Back at the house, Alisha puts Betty’s neck brace back on, takes her shoes off and gives her a foot rub and starts flirting with her. Now, they can’t wait to go to bed together.

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Betty’s Med Elbow Brace

 Posted by on April 24, 2024
Apr 242024

Betty had a real life accident recently. She fell and thought she had broken her arm. It turned out to be a dislocated elbow. She managed to relocate it herself but still has to be in an elbow brace for at least six weeks. In this video, you’re Betty’s friend and she’s calling to tell you about it and if you want to meet up to talk. After that, we watch Betty getting ready to leave. First, she changes her pants mostly just using one arm. Then, she removes her brace so she can change her shirt, taking a moment to look at her swollen elbow. She puts on a shirt and then puts her brace back on. She heads to the bathroom to brush her hair and sits on the floor to carefully put on her shoes. After that, she gets in the car and drives to the park using only her good hand to steer. You meet her at the park and you walk together. She gives you the short version because it’s cold and windy outside. She suggests that you leave the park and get a coffee. When you meet her at the coffee shop, she’s just finishing up some work on her laptop and then gives you the entire story in detail, talking for 20 minutes straight about it! Stay tuned because we’ll be doing another shoot with her arm brace and a cast soon!

Price: $10 | 35 Min | 1080P

Betty’s Foot Worship Red LLC JOI

 Posted by on April 5, 2024
Apr 052024

I arrived for this shoot expecting to do a shoot with Alisha and Betty, but Alisha wasn’t there, so we just did this instead! Betty is bored and home alone in her month old red LLC. She has an idea to get a guy with a cast fetish over to her place to help her out and do stuff for her. She calls him up and he’s there in no time. Next, you’re the guy and you come into her room to find her in bed. She talks to you very sexy and seductive about her cast and her beautiful french pedicured toenails. She tells you to look at her poor broken leg and casted toes. She asks you if you like it and if it turns you on that her leg is broken. She asks if you can smell it and if you like that too. Betty has you prop her leg up on a pillow and get her a drink of water. She lets you smell her casted toes and she’s surprised by how much it turns you on. Next, she asks you to lick them and then suck them. She tells you not to touch yourself yet because she wants to keep you horny. She asks you to just sit back and appreciate her cast and then she wants you to worship her cast by kissing it all over. After a while, she’s ready to let you have some relief and tells you that you can look at her cast while you jerk off. She talks dirty about her cast and how her broken, casted leg hurts and smells as she instructs you to jerk off.

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Feb 052024

Alisha and Betty were in an accident a couple of weeks ago and they both got SLCs on opposite legs. Betty’s coming over to visit Alisha and she crutches in. They are good friends and very happy to see each other and grateful that they only ended up getting short leg casts. They’re also both wearing a little white sock over their toes. First they catch up and talk about their casts for a bit and then they decide to rub each other’s toes. They take off the socks and see that their casts have no signatures on the foot, so they write some funny and flirty things on each other’s casts. Next, Alisha asks Betty to suck her toes but Alisha has the first taste. They lick and suck each other’s toes for a few minutes before Alisha remembers that she has some whipped cream. First, they take turns licking whipped cream off each other’s toes and then do it at the same time. Before long, Alisha’s feeling pretty hot and bothered and asks Betty if she’d like to go upstairs. Stay tuned after the clip for a bonus six minutes of slow motion toe licking and sucking with some audio of Alisha and Betty talking about how guys love their casts.

Price: $25 | 21 Min | 1080P

Or Buy it in 4K UHD for $4 more ($29). Large file size, H.265 codec: not for older computers and devices.

Betty’s LLC

 Posted by on January 13, 2024
Jan 132024

Last time we saw Betty, she had just hurt her leg again while kinda showing off how she can work out in her SLC. Now, she’s emerging from the hospital in a white LLC. She gets in the car and can’t believe that she’s got to be in an even bigger cast for another couple of months. The next day, Betty wakes up in bed sore. She tries to find a comfortable position for several minutes as we take in some great views of her casted toes and body. Eventually she just gives up and gets up to get dressed and make the bed. She hops out of the room, but not before banging her cast and causing herself some pain. She hurts her leg again while scooting her way down the steps. Next, you come over for a visit and Betty is determined to not spend another two months cooped up in the house. She asks you to take her shopping for some last minute gifts. Betty doesn’t last long at the store. Almost immediately her leg starts hurting and she runs out of steam. Now she wants to go home. The bumpy ride hurts her leg, so she asks if she can put it in your lap and you agree. She asks you to pull over and hold her cast for her. You elevate her cast for her and it makes her feel better and you don’t mind because you’ve got her casted toes right in your face. Back at her place, you watch her propped up toes as she falls asleep.

Price: $20 | 42 Min | 1080P

Or Buy it in 4K UHD for $4 more ($24). Large file size, H.265 codec: not for older computers and devices.

Betty’s Blue SLC – Part 2

 Posted by on November 23, 2023
Nov 232023

It’s been several weeks since Betty got her SLC and her leg is feeling good enough for her to walk on. Betty’s in bed, shifting her body around into different positions, moving her legs and feet. She finally gets up, gets dressed and heads downstairs. Next, you’re Betty’s friend coming over for a visit. She answers the door while standing on her cast and explains that she feels like she doesn’t need crutches and is now able to finally do stuff around the house. She invites you to have a seat on the couch and she sits so that her cast is pointed right at you as she starts talking about how long she’s had it and all her signatures. She recaps the accident and how much it hurt to break her leg, including the ride to the hospital and having it set. Then she talks about how gross and sweaty her cast is after all these weeks. She talks about her cast and her experience for a while and then she scoots closer and puts her cast on you leg. She pulls a sock over her toes and talks about how much she keeps smelling her cast. Its not long before her toes start feeling sweaty and itchy again so she has to pull her sock off and itch inside it with a butter knife. She asks you to hold her cast up for her as she lays back and wiggles her toes. She wants to show you how well she is doing so she gets up to show you how she is exercising and falls to the floor in pain. Betty is sure that it is broken again.

Price: $15 | 26 Min | 1080P

Or Buy it in 4K UHD for $4 more ($19). Large file size, H.265 codec: not for older computers and devices.

Betty’s ULC

 Posted by on October 3, 2023
Oct 032023

Betty is waking up in bed with her ULC and her broken legs are painful. She immediately starts moaning about her broken legs and pulls back the cover to reveal her ULC. She props her leg up on a pillow and reads a book as she wiggles her toes. She tries moving to different positions to try and get more comfortable. From her POV, she moans about her poor broken legs. She’s hungry and dehydrated so she calls a friend to try and get them to come help her but they’re not able to come. Realizing that she must fend for herself, she figures out how to get out of bed and onto the floor. She painfully drags her cast over to the steps and begins scooting herself down. She’s not sure what to do when she reaches the bottom, so she tries pulling herself on her stomach, on her side and her butt. In the kitchen, she uses her arm strength to pull herself up onto a chair and gets a drink of water. Finally, she makes her way to a comfy chair in the living room.

Price: $20 | 25 Min | 1080P

Betty’s Blue SLC

 Posted by on August 14, 2023
Aug 142023

Betty broke her leg while running and is coming home in a brand new blue SLC and really feeling it. She crutches in the door and sits on the couch complaining about the cast and her painful broken leg. She calls her friend Alisha and tells her all about it and then props her leg up on a pillow and wiggles her toes. She’s skeptical that she will not be able to walk on her cast so she tries stepping on it and it hurts so she gets up on crutches and heads into the kitchen where she has a hard time maneuvering around without hitting her cast on things. After getting a drink and returning to the couch, she realizes that she needs her laptop to catch up on some work so she hops to the kitchen to grab it. She makes another trip to get her water and accidentally steps on her cast. She props her leg up high on the arm of the couch while she works. Next she goes outside for some fresh air on her crutches. After that she’s exhausted and just wants to lay down so after a tricky trip upstairs and hopping to the bed, she props her cast up on some pillows and tries to find a comfortable position while the camera hangs out by her wiggling toes. Let me know what you think of Betty’s acting and what you’d like to see next.

Price: $15 | 30 Min | 1080P

Betty’s LLC w/Friend Tara

 Posted by on March 18, 2020
Mar 182020

Welcome the beautiful Betty and Tara to Joe’s Clips! Tara is Betty’s friend and just hanging out and assisting Betty with whatever she needs. It’s pretty much non-stop talking as Tara signs Betty’s cast. And at the end, Tara’s giving Betty some physical therapy. It was Betty’s idea to pretend the cast is real. Off-camera she kept hinting that she may have a cast fetish. She just kept going on about how much she is into it, like “I think this might really be my thing… I’m serious”. I told her that she needs to say that stuff while I’m filming but she kept saying it off-camera. Enjoy this totally spontaneous and ad-libbed clip!

Price: $20 | 36 Min | 1080P

Or get the clip plus over 400 images from this shoot in 10MP resolution for $25!