Gabby’s Public Shopping LLC – Part 1

 Posted by on July 14, 2024
Jul 142024

The beautiful Gabby is back in a white LLC, shopping for party supplies and some new clothes to wear with her cast. You, the camera, are her friend and she appreciates that you’ve come shopping at the department store with her. She talks to you as she shops, staying in character, as though her cast is real. She alternates between having her cast down on the floor of the scooter and carefully picking it up and propping it up high on the basket, wiggling her long toes as she cruises down the isles. She mostly tries to shop from her chair, but sometimes she has to stand up to reach something. After finishing up at one store, she’s at another store. Stay tuned for more from this shoot.

Price: $15 | 24 Min | 1080P

Or Buy it in 4K UHD for $4 more ($19). Large file size, H.265 codec: not for older computers and devices.

Jul 072024

This clip starts with several minutes of beautiful footage of Alisha waking up in bed with her extremely bent LLC. She’s very whiney and sad as she tries different positions to get her leg comfortable. She’s only wearing lingerie and finds some sexy positions as she moves around in bed. She tries her side and stomach before finally deciding that she’s better get up. Her leg is still in a lot of pain in the morning, so she carefully sits up and hops to get some clothes to wear. After getting dressed, she heads to the stairs and carefully scoots down them. Downstairs, she calls a friend to see if they would want to go shopping with her. Her friend shows up to take her to the store and now Alisha is crutching around in public with the camera/friend following behind with a great view of her casted toes the entire time. Her leg is bothering her and her cast is hot and sweaty so she has to sit down and take a break occasionally. There’s more to come so stay tuned.

Price: $15 | 26 Min | 1080P

Or Buy it in 4K UHD for $4 more ($19). Large file size, H.265 codec: not for older computers and devices.

Violet’s Painful LLC

 Posted by on July 3, 2024
Jul 032024

Violet is coming home for the first time with her newly broken leg. She crutches inside and straight over to the mirror so she can see what she looks like in her new cast. She has a seat in front of the mirror where she moves it around painfully, looking at it from all sides. She crutches to the table and carefully places her cast on it while she looks at her phone and wiggles her toes. She gets a terrible itch and grabs a pen desperately trying to scratch it. She crutches over to the couch to call a friend and tell them how she broke her leg and got a full leg cast. After the phone call, she’s hungry and thirsty so she crutches to the kitchen and tries hopping around to do some things. She bumps her cast a few times, causing her leg to hurt more. Finally, she decides to go upstairs and take a nap and it’s hard and painful all the way up. Finally, she gets into bed and props her leg up on some pillows. Let me know what you think of Violet and what she should do next.

Price: $15 | 26 Min | 1080P

Or Buy it in 4K UHD for $4 more ($19). Large file size, H.265 codec: not for older computers and devices.

Jun 232024

In this reality-style clip, Victoria is a content creator for her private fans page/social media. She has a cameraman that she directs and he generally starts filming early and lets the camera roll a little bit after each scene to ensure proper coverage. This footage is slapped together in an unedited style. This clip starts with Victoria talking about some socks that she has worn for one of her fans that she’s going to take a run in before shipping them out, to make sure they’re nice and smelly for him. She puts them on with some running shoes and directs her cameraman on how to film her at the running trail. As he’s filming, she takes a dive. The camera finds her on the ground in severe pain and she tells him to stop filming. Next, we see Victoria at home on crutches with a blue long leg cast, trying to let her leg pain subside so she can make a video telling her fans what happened to her. She manages to get through that and next, she does a vlog in the kitchen about what socks she might wear over her cast for the next eight weeks. Next, she takes a request from a fan to film herself in a sexy black dress, hose over her cast and a high heel on cruches doing her morning routine in the kitchen. She’s mostly successful until she slips on her way to the dishwasher and has to just lean over for a minute letting the pain subside. She does some pantyhose toe wiggling content and the clip wraps up with a vlog about what it’s been like and how she suspects her boyfriend might like casts. To be continued…

Price: $20 | 29 Min | 1080P

Or Buy it in 4K UHD for $4 more ($24). Large file size, H.265 codec: not for older computers and devices.

Betty’s Content Creator Leg Break LLC

 Posted by on June 13, 2024
Jun 132024

We find Betty at the start of this clip taking a jog on a paved trail at a park. When she gets to a slippery patch of mud, she slips and falls to the ground. She’s immediately sure she’s broken something. She takes a moment to just breath and clutch onto her leg. She eventually gets up on one foot and hops over to the nearest picnic bench where she slowly takes off her shoe. She realizes that she doesn’t have her phone and that she’s going to have to hop to her car, so she painfully puts her shoe back on and hops back to her car and gets inside. Next, we see Betty in an LLC talking to her friend on the phone about needed to ramp up her content creation now that she’s going to be off work for a while. The friend agrees to come over and film her in her cast for her fans pages. Before you arrive, she does a live Q&A stream for her friends where she talks about what her cast is like and how it feels and what her love life is like. She talks for a long time and carefully moves her casted toes to the camera for her fans. When her friend arrives to film her, he films everything, including her bumping her cast into things and hurting her leg even more. Finally, she notices you being aroused by her cast while filming her.

Price: $20 | 42 Min | 1080P

Or Buy it in 4K UHD for $4 more ($24). Large file size, H.265 codec: not for older computers and devices.

Gabby Goes Shopping in a Black LLC

 Posted by on June 5, 2024
Jun 052024

On Gabby’s first shoot, she looked great and had lavendar colored hair. She showed up to this shoot with black hair looking like a total knockout, so we did a black LLC. I wanted to see how she was in public and she was great. She drives her scooter around, getting up to crutch and hop and look at stuff. She props up her cast on the basket for much of the clip, showing off her casted toes high for all to see. She talks to the camera as if you’re her friend that’s gone shopping with her. She stands up to look at clothes and jewelry and heads over to the home section to look for some nice soft things to prop her cast on. She tries on shoes and heads over to the grocery section where she hops around the isles. At one point, I went to the restroom and when I came out I saw her hopping quite a distance to throw somethng away. I managed to catch the tail end of it on video. Enjoy this 36 minutes of great footage of the super sexy Gabby!

Price: $25 | 36 Min | 1080P

Or Buy it in 4K UHD for $4 more ($29). Large file size, H.265 codec: not for older computers and devices.

Lily’s (Angel) Blue DLLC

 Posted by on May 25, 2024
May 252024

First of all, Angel’s new name is Lily because she goes by Lily on everything else and wants her name to match everywhere. In this clip, Lily is laid up in bed with two blue LLCs, moaning from the pain. She realizes she doesn’t have her phone and she’s home alone. She calls out to see if anyone is home, but nobody answers. Bored and thirsty, she decides that she’d rather risk hurting her legs more than sit in bed all day without her phone or anything to drink. She slowly and painfully makes her way down the steps, feeling every bump. When she finally makes it back upstairs, she has forgotten to get a drink and she can’t get back into bed. So she pulls some pillows to the floor and gets as comfortable as she can. Then she has an idea. She can call the guy that lives next door, Henry. She calls him and he’s glad to come over. First, he gets her in bed, gives her a drink, props her legs up and rubs her toes. Later, he carries her downstairs. Cut to several weeks later and Lily is trying on some new cast shoes she bought on the internet. She feels that her legs are feeling good enough to stand on. She calls Henry over to spot her. With his help, she walks to the kitchen and makes them a snack. She gets a little too ambitious and hurts her leg though and Henry has to carry her to the couch.

Price: $25 | 45 Min | 1080P

Or Buy it in 4K UHD for $4 more ($29). Large file size, not for older computers and devices.

For fans that want to see it all, get a zip with 600 24mp images from this shoot for $15. This is by special request. If this zip sells I may offer more zip downloads in the future.

Betty’s SS & Elbow Brace

 Posted by on May 18, 2024
May 182024

Betty is laid up in bed miserable in a shoulder spica, neck brace and arm brace. She was in an accident with Alisha who was driving but just ended up with a boot. Now she’s with Betty to help her and try to make her more comfortable. She sits Betty up and gives her something to drink. Betty needs to do physical therapy on her left arm so she instructs Alisha on how to take her arm brace off. They move her arm around as they talk about how long she’s going to have her brace and cast on. Alisha takes off Betty’s neck brace and puts some pants on her and they head to the living room where Betty has to do some work on her laptop, using her left hand. They talk about the cast, dating in the cast and the accident while she works and then Alisha helps Betty put some shoes and socks on and a big hoodie over her cast. Next, they’re at the grocery store looking for some snacks. After that, they take a walk at the park and stop at a table so Alisha can feed Betty some snacks. Back at the house, Alisha puts Betty’s neck brace back on, takes her shoes off and gives her a foot rub and starts flirting with her. Now, they can’t wait to go to bed together.

Price: $25 | 45 Min | 1080P

Or Buy it in 4K UHD for $4 more ($29). Large file size, H.265 codec: not for older computers and devices.

Kiara’s Orange LLC

 Posted by on May 17, 2024
May 172024

Kiara is a new model and we did a story on our first shoot. In this clip, she’s got a newly broken leg in an orange LLC from a soccer accident and her leg is killing her. She thought she could still get out to the park and do some crutching but starts regretting it immediately, crutching up the first big hill. She’s having a bad time already and now it looks like it’s about to rain. As soon as she finds a bench to sit, it starts pouring so she has to look for shelter. She crutches in the rain to find the nearest shelter. When she finds a gazebo, she encounters her first stairs and hurts her leg going up them. She calls her friend to vent about how awful her day is and how she’s going to do this for eight weeks. She eventually decides to make a run for it back to her car because the rain has died down a little. As she’s going down the steps, she stumbles and hurts her leg because of her slippery sandal and too short crutches. In pain/rain, she starts crutching back to the car. After a painful journey with soaked cast, she carefully props it up with her crutch and calls her friend again to tell her about it.

Price: $15 | 23 Min | 1080P

Or Buy it in 4K UHD for $4 more ($19). Large file size, H.265 codec: not for older computers and devices.

Juli’s Pink SLC

 Posted by on May 11, 2024
May 112024

Welcome new model Juli! Juli is on day one of her pink SLC in this clip. She crutches over to the couch, props her cast up and paints her nails because her cute toes will be sticking out for weeks. Next, she crutches into the kitchen to get herself a snack. gasping and wincing, she hops around the kitchen looking for a snack and ends up making a peanut butter sandwich standing on her good, sock covered foot. After that, she props her cast up on some pillows and calls a friend to tell them about breaking her leg and getting a cast. She gets off the phone to send her friend a picture of her cast and then she tries putting her cast in different positions to get comfortable. She tries stretching a little. Her toes are cold so she pulls a sock over them, but only for a moment because she has an itch inside her cast. She puts her sock back on and wonders how she’s going to do this for over six weeks. There’s more to this story, so stay tuned!

Price: $10 | 20 Min | 1080P

Molly’s Black LLWC

 Posted by on May 11, 2024
May 112024

This is just a run of the mill, new-model shoot at a park with a beautiful goth chick named Molly. I decided to do a black LLWC to go with her look and her black toenails. When I was making the cast, she was skeptical that she’d even be able to walk in it but she adapted quickly. She walks all over the park, pausing to reach down to her leg as if she’s having leg pain. She talks a bit about her painful, heavy leg bothering her and second guessing her decision to take a walk on it. After a bit she has a seat to rest her leg and wiggle her toes. In the first part of the clip, she’s walking hard and fast, but later she starts to realize that she was too rough on her leg as it starts to bother her. Molly walks a while longer seeming miserable until she reaches a place to prop up her painful leg.

Price: $10 | 18 Min | 1080P

Betty’s Med Elbow Brace

 Posted by on April 24, 2024
Apr 242024

Betty had a real life accident recently. She fell and thought she had broken her arm. It turned out to be a dislocated elbow. She managed to relocate it herself but still has to be in an elbow brace for at least six weeks. In this video, you’re Betty’s friend and she’s calling to tell you about it and if you want to meet up to talk. After that, we watch Betty getting ready to leave. First, she changes her pants mostly just using one arm. Then, she removes her brace so she can change her shirt, taking a moment to look at her swollen elbow. She puts on a shirt and then puts her brace back on. She heads to the bathroom to brush her hair and sits on the floor to carefully put on her shoes. After that, she gets in the car and drives to the park using only her good hand to steer. You meet her at the park and you walk together. She gives you the short version because it’s cold and windy outside. She suggests that you leave the park and get a coffee. When you meet her at the coffee shop, she’s just finishing up some work on her laptop and then gives you the entire story in detail, talking for 20 minutes straight about it! Stay tuned because we’ll be doing another shoot with her arm brace and a cast soon!

Price: $10 | 35 Min | 1080P

Bella’s Black DSS and Maru’s Black LAC

 Posted by on April 10, 2024
Apr 102024

Bella’s in bed with a black DSS and neck brace and Maru’s come over to visit. They were in an accident while Maru was driving but Bella is the one who took the brunt of it. Now Bella’s somewhat bitter about how easy Maru has seemed to get off. She’s miserable but Maru thinks that the best thing for Bella would be to get out of the house for a little bit. It takes some convincing but Bella eventually concedes and Maru helps her sit up, gets her something to drink and puts Bella’s shoes on her. Next they’re in an Uber and talking about what to do. The driver is curious about the casts, so they explain what happened (which they make pretty comical). They stop by the doctor’s office to see if Bella can take her neck brace off and return with it off. Next, they’re at the bulk grocery store looking for some food to take back to Bella’s. They drop character pretty quickly and start acting silly as they shop. They get a little crazy in the stuffed animal aisle and then have a seat in the cafe so Maru can feed Bella a pretzel.

Price: $25 | 33 Min | 1080P

Or Buy it in 4K UHD for $4 more ($29). Large file size, H.265 codec: not for older computers and devices.

Betty’s Foot Worship Red LLC JOI

 Posted by on April 5, 2024
Apr 052024

I arrived for this shoot expecting to do a shoot with Alisha and Betty, but Alisha wasn’t there, so we just did this instead! Betty is bored and home alone in her month old red LLC. She has an idea to get a guy with a cast fetish over to her place to help her out and do stuff for her. She calls him up and he’s there in no time. Next, you’re the guy and you come into her room to find her in bed. She talks to you very sexy and seductive about her cast and her beautiful french pedicured toenails. She tells you to look at her poor broken leg and casted toes. She asks you if you like it and if it turns you on that her leg is broken. She asks if you can smell it and if you like that too. Betty has you prop her leg up on a pillow and get her a drink of water. She lets you smell her casted toes and she’s surprised by how much it turns you on. Next, she asks you to lick them and then suck them. She tells you not to touch yourself yet because she wants to keep you horny. She asks you to just sit back and appreciate her cast and then she wants you to worship her cast by kissing it all over. After a while, she’s ready to let you have some relief and tells you that you can look at her cast while you jerk off. She talks dirty about her cast and how her broken, casted leg hurts and smells as she instructs you to jerk off.

Price: $20 | 25 Min | 1080P

Or Buy it in 4K UHD for $4 more ($24). Large file size, H.265 codec: not for older computers and devices.

Briana’s Red DSLC

 Posted by on March 26, 2024
Mar 262024

Some of you may remember Briana from several years ago. She moved away for a while and now she’s back for a new shoot. Briana wakes up in bed and pulls back the covers to reveal two SLCs. She sits up and wiggles her toes as she touches her sore legs. She gasps and winces as she talks about her poor broken legs and carefully elevates them on pillows. Her boyfriend is at work so Briana is home alone. After a while, she calls her friend Madison to see if she can come over and help her. She explains to her friend how she broke her legs, how much they hurt and how she can’t do anything for herself. Her friend is at work, however, and can’t come over. Realizing that she will have to fend for herself, she painfully gets herself from the bed to the floor and scoots out of the room and painfully down the stairs, which proves difficult with two broken legs. She drags her legs into the kitchen and pulls herself onto a chair so she can get a drink of water. Later, she’s on the couch checking her social media when she notices that Victor is really liking her cast pics. She decides to give him a call and invite him to see her casts in person. Next, you’re Victor and she invites you to sit down with her casts in your lap. She talks about how hard it is to have two broken legs with her casted toes right in your face.

Price: $20 | 30 Min | 1080P

Or Buy it in 4K UHD for $4 more ($24). Large file size, H.265 codec: not for older computers and devices.

Roxy’s Purple Public LLC

 Posted by on March 21, 2024
Mar 212024

Roxy’s had her purple LLC for a while now and it won’t be long before it comes off. It’s got lots of dirty signatures from being out in public. Roxy and James are sitting on the couch reminiscing about the good times they’ve had in the cast so far and all the great sex they’ve had. They talk about all the attention she’s got at the sex club and how much she loves it. James implies that some have even came on her casted toes. Roxy wants to enjoy every day they have left with the cast before it comes off so they decide to leave the house. First, she crutches around a department store, looking for some cute clothes she could wear to the club. James is getting more and more excited by seeing Roxy out in her purple LLC. Next, they’re at another store and Roxy drives a scooter with her cast propped up high with her bare toes on display for everyone to see. James flirts with her increasingly and cops a feel as she gets up to crutch around some isles. Finally, they’re at a bargain store and James can’t take it anymore and tries to persuade Roxy into ducking into the break room for a quickie. She’s reluctant though. To be continued…

Price: $20 | 41 Min | 1080P

Or Buy it in 4K UHD for $4 more ($24). Large file size, H.265 codec: not for older computers and devices.

Gabby’s Faux Term SLC

 Posted by on March 12, 2024
Mar 122024

Welcome the beautiful new model Gabby! I’ve had some specific requests for SLCs and boots lately and we’ve got both in this video with a new model that I’m hoping to see lots more of. This is a very slow paced video with lots of beautiful prolonged shots of Gabby’s bare casted toes and sock clad toes. The video starts out with Gabby in bed with her legs propped up on pillows. One leg has an SLC and the other a boot and she has tube socks over both feet. She wiggles her toes in the socks for a while before carefully removing the boot, taking off the sock and then putting it back on. She eventually removes the sock from her other foot and then calls a friend to tell them about her snowboarding accident and how her leg hurts but she does think that her cast looks pretty cute. She carefully crutches to the restroom and back to bed. Cut to weeks later and Gabby is out of the boot and is up and walking around on her cast with tube socks. She does stuff in the kitchen and sweeps the floor. She eventually takes a break and pulls off her socks to reveal her aged and signed cast. She works on putting the ornaments away from the tree before walking upstairs on her cast. She tries to get comfortable in bed in some sexy poses and calls a friend to talk about how she thinks that some guys like casts, especially this really attractive guy at the gym that’s obsessed with her cast.

Price: $20 | 38 Min | 1080P

Or Buy it in 4K UHD for $4 more ($24). Large file size, H.265 codec: not for older computers and devices.

Isola’s LLC

 Posted by on March 3, 2024
Mar 032024

Old school CF viewers may recognize Isola from a shoot many years ago and then I lost touch with her, but I always wanted to do more shoots because she’s cute and has nice feet. She’s not super comfortable with acting, but I wanted to see what she can do so she does act a little bit in this clip. Isola comes home with a fresh LLC and a broken leg. She’s got tube socks over her toes as well. She crutches to the couch where she tries to elevate her leg and get it comfortable. For the sock lovers, she leaves on the socks as she wiggles her toes, which we see from different angles. But then she has an itch and needs to pull the sock off so she can itch inside her cast. Itching her foot with the butter knife is almost orgasmic for her. Next, she calls a friend to tell him all about her situation and how much it sucks. We see lots of beautiful shots of her wiggling toes as she talks. He volunteers to come and help her out. She makes a crutching trip to the kitchen but bangs her cast and decides she wants to lay down in bed so she painfully makes her way up the stairs and in bed where she tries different positions and does some stretches.

Price: $15 | 27 Min | 1080P

Victoria’s Leg Break Pink SLC and Purple LLC

 Posted by on February 16, 2024
Feb 162024

In a prequel to this clip (coming soon to CF), Victoria had broken her ankle, got a pink SLC and found out that her crush loves casts as much as she does. Now, she’s just relaxing on the couch when she realizes that she doesn’t have her phone. Although her crutches are right there, she gets up and walks on her SLC, looking around the room for her phone. Then she realizes that she probably left it upstairs. Instead of grabbing her crutches, she continues to walk on her SLC and starts up the steps. Halfway up the steps, her casted leg gives out on her, causing her to fall. Next, she’s at the bottom of the steps and this injury hurts a little more than the last one. As she’s sitting there, she sees her phone right by the door and calls for help. Next, Victoria’s on the couch in a purple LLC and a pink SLC, kind of excited and torn between just telling her friend and keeping it a surprise. She decides to call her friend and tease him a bit but also keep it a surprise. She tells him that she has something he will be very excited about. When he arrives, she’s got her legs covered with wrapping paper. He pulls it back revealing two casts and is stunned. After talking for a bit, she asks camera to help her get upstairs and to bed for a nap. He gets her comfortable in bed and she asks him to hang out while she naps. Of course he takes the opportunity to get a closer look at her casted toes. Cut to several weeks later and you’ve come over for a visit to find Victoria up and walking around on both casts. She says her legs are fine, but she wants to talk to you about something upstairs. When you get there, she says she’s always had a fantasy about having her casted toes worshipped!

Price: $25 | 37 Min | 1080P

Or Buy it in 4K UHD for $4 more ($29). Large file size, H.265 codec: not for older computers and devices.

Victoria’s Leg Break Pink SLC

 Posted by on February 9, 2024
Feb 092024

Victoria is finishing up her workout indoors when she falls to the floor. She’s hurt her ankle and by the way she handles it, you’d think it might just be a sprain. But Victoria’s been through this a few times before. She knows what a broken ankle feels like and she’s sure it’s broken. Not only does she handle it extremely well, she almost seems a little excited. She calls her friend to come take her to the emergency room to have it looked at. Next, she’s at home in bed with her cast propped up. She’s had a crush on her friend for years and suspects that he might like casts as much as her, so she decides to give him a call and feel him out. She tells him all about getting the cast and invites him over for a closer look. When he arrives, she invites him to have a seat next to her cast. With her cast and toes on full display she talks about getting the cast and past times that she broke her ankle. Before long, she starts to notice that her friend can’t keep his eyes off her cast and seems to be a little turned on, so she gets him to admit that he likes casts too and she couldn’t be happier. She invites her friend to touch her toes and her cast.

Price: $20 | 16 Min | 1080P

Or Buy it in 4K UHD for $4 more ($24). Large file size, H.265 codec: not for older computers and devices.

Feb 052024

Alisha and Betty were in an accident a couple of weeks ago and they both got SLCs on opposite legs. Betty’s coming over to visit Alisha and she crutches in. They are good friends and very happy to see each other and grateful that they only ended up getting short leg casts. They’re also both wearing a little white sock over their toes. First they catch up and talk about their casts for a bit and then they decide to rub each other’s toes. They take off the socks and see that their casts have no signatures on the foot, so they write some funny and flirty things on each other’s casts. Next, Alisha asks Betty to suck her toes but Alisha has the first taste. They lick and suck each other’s toes for a few minutes before Alisha remembers that she has some whipped cream. First, they take turns licking whipped cream off each other’s toes and then do it at the same time. Before long, Alisha’s feeling pretty hot and bothered and asks Betty if she’d like to go upstairs. Stay tuned after the clip for a bonus six minutes of slow motion toe licking and sucking with some audio of Alisha and Betty talking about how guys love their casts.

Price: $25 | 21 Min | 1080P

Or Buy it in 4K UHD for $4 more ($29). Large file size, H.265 codec: not for older computers and devices.

Betty’s LLC

 Posted by on January 13, 2024
Jan 132024

Last time we saw Betty, she had just hurt her leg again while kinda showing off how she can work out in her SLC. Now, she’s emerging from the hospital in a white LLC. She gets in the car and can’t believe that she’s got to be in an even bigger cast for another couple of months. The next day, Betty wakes up in bed sore. She tries to find a comfortable position for several minutes as we take in some great views of her casted toes and body. Eventually she just gives up and gets up to get dressed and make the bed. She hops out of the room, but not before banging her cast and causing herself some pain. She hurts her leg again while scooting her way down the steps. Next, you come over for a visit and Betty is determined to not spend another two months cooped up in the house. She asks you to take her shopping for some last minute gifts. Betty doesn’t last long at the store. Almost immediately her leg starts hurting and she runs out of steam. Now she wants to go home. The bumpy ride hurts her leg, so she asks if she can put it in your lap and you agree. She asks you to pull over and hold her cast for her. You elevate her cast for her and it makes her feel better and you don’t mind because you’ve got her casted toes right in your face. Back at her place, you watch her propped up toes as she falls asleep.

Price: $20 | 42 Min | 1080P

Or Buy it in 4K UHD for $4 more ($24). Large file size, H.265 codec: not for older computers and devices.

Angel’s Christmas Shopping LLC

 Posted by on January 5, 2024
Jan 052024

Angel’s had her cast for weeks but it’s finally time for her to get out of the house and do some Christmas shopping. She calls an Uber, gets in and briefly explains how she got her cast. She asks if she can put her cast up on the seat. But next, the driver makes an unexpected stop. It turns out that Angel has accidentally selected the ride share option so the driver has to pick up another person. A guy gets in and they start talking about Angel broke her leg on Thanksgiving when her crazy cousin threw a frozen turkey at her. Angel suspects this guy is very interested in her cast so she talks about it continuously and even asks if she can move her cast to his lap. She asks him to remove her sock, revealing her cute red toenails, matching her festive outfit. They finally arrive at the mall and Angel invites him to go shopping with her. They head inside and have a seat on the fountain where they seem to be hitting it off. Angel throws her cast over his leg and asks him to take off her sock again. As they talk, he rubs her toes. After that, she crutches all around the mall looking for presents, but she feels tired and sore after a while and is ready to leave. On the way home, she asks her new friend to hold her leg up for her and invites him back to her place to sign her cast. She asks him if he’s into casts as he rubs her toes.

Price: $30 | 53 Min | 1080P

Or Buy it in 4K UHD for $4 more ($19). Large file size, H.265 codec: not for older computers and devices.

Maru’s Housecleaning 90° LLC – Part 2

 Posted by on January 2, 2024
Jan 022024

The last time we saw Maru she had just finished up a house cleaning gig with you as her company. When she was finished, she asked if you would want to go shopping with her. Now, she’s looking for some new clothes and a bigger sock to put over her toes. An experienced crutcher, Maru crutches through the store with ease. She’s got a small girly sock over her toes that we can see from behind due to her bent knee. As she collects things to try on, she just hangs them from her crutches. In the shoe department, she first takes off her sock (revealing a beautiful pedicure) and looks for a slipper she can put over her casted toes. She then looks for a shoe for her good foot and eventually crutches out of the store with no sock over her toes. Next, she’s at a sandwich shop ordering some food. She crutches over to get a drink and then takes her food and has a seat. Maru likes to chat about plants so I thought that she might like to crutch around the garden center at the local hardware store and she really did enjoy that. She had a lot of fun being silly, crutching around all the plants and explaining what they are.

Price: $15 | 42 Min | 1080P

Irene’s Candy Cane LLC

 Posted by on December 26, 2023
Dec 262023

Irene had been in an SHS for a while and eventually started walking on it. So instead of removing it, they left her with the LLC portion to wear for a while longer. You’re Irene’s friend coming over to visit and she explains this to you and that she needs to get out of the house and go shopping. You take her to the department store where she gets a scooter and props her cast up on the basket. She giggles at the idea that everyone is going to see her toes. She drives around the store, stopping to get up and hop around isles. In the candy isle, she hops around grabbing up bags of candy and throwing them in the cart. She tries out a chair with her leg propped up and hops around a couple more areas before her scooter runs out of battery. Her leg was starting to bother her anyway so she crutches out of the store. Back at her place, she is worn out so she props her cast up on pillows on your lap and drifts to sleep as you take a look at her casted toes.

Price: $20 | 29 Min | 1080P

Or Buy it in 4K UHD for $4 more ($19). Large file size, H.265 codec: not for older computers and devices.

Jessica Lynn’s Stepbrother Leg Break LLC

 Posted by on December 12, 2023
Dec 122023

In this sponsored shoot, Jessica and her stepbrother (you/camera) are both in their 20’s and college students, but due to financial problems, she has had to move back home and live with her him, whom she hates. You walk into the room to find Jessica on the couch wearing pantyhose and her legs pointed right at you. You bicker about who’s turn it is to clean the house this week but then Jessica decides to blackmail you by threatening to tell your parents about your “secrets”. First, she says it’s obvious that you’re attracted to her legs and pantyhose and calls you a weirdo and then she reminds you about the time she caught you looking at sexy cast pictures on the internet. At this point, she kinda has you but she gets up to leave and go shopping and you hear a crash. You run in to find Jessica on the floor holding her leg with money all over the floor. She tried to steal money from your parent’s secret stash and you’re ready to give them a call. She begs you not to call them and says that she will let you touch her cast when she gets it. You agree and take her to the hospital. Sure enough, she comes out of the hospital in an LLC with pantyhose pulled up over it. She asks if she can put her foot on your lap and rub her toes. It is the greatest day of your life. You take care of her and she really appreciates it, allowing you to rub her toes as she falls asleep. In the morning, she wakes you up in an amazing way!

Price: $25 | 47 Min | 1080P

Or Buy it in 4K UHD for $4 more ($19). Large file size, H.265 codec: not for older computers and devices.

Kim’s Red SHS (AI Upscale to 1080P)

 Posted by on December 8, 2023
Dec 082023

Here’s another classic clip from 20 years ago of the fun and sexy Kim on her second shoot (I think). This is what we were posting on CF around Hallween in 2003. It was late and the clip starts off in the bedroom where Kim is in bed wiggling her toes after just having her cast finished. We tease her a little bit for not being able to put on her sock and then we get it on for her. Kim gets up out of bed and walks down the stairs. Next we see her awkwardly get out of the car and start walking down the sidewalk with a funny and exaggerated gimp as passers yell from their cars. She finds some stairs in front of a building to walk up and down. Next, she slides herself back into the car and we head back to my place where she tries to get comfortable on the couch and pose for pictures. We get some toe wiggling shots and then she gets on the floor. After that, Kim’s at the grocery store in a scooter driving around and shopping for snacks. I suggest that she walk around a little and so she gets up and walks around in her big house slipper. The clip ends with her crutching around a little in the parking lot and then getting her cast removed. It’s only sixteen minutes but so much happens, it seems longer.

Price: $20 | 16 Min | 1080P

Alisha’s Pink Public LLC – Part 2

 Posted by on December 5, 2023
Dec 052023

Next it’s off to the craft store and Alisha is on the lookout for some new furniture for her cast. She proceeds to crutch around the store as we follow behind until she finds somewhere to sit and itch her toes. She crutches around some more until she finds a stool with wheels to sit and scoot around on. She thinks it would be nice to have that at home to give her a break from crutches. On the way out, she finds a spot to sit and prop up her cast for a nice view of her cute wiggling toes as she talks about her sore, throbbing leg. She thinks maybe it was a bad idea to go shopping so soon and wants to put her leg up on some pillows. At the next store, I find Alisha on a scooter talking to someone. I ask her if she knows him and she said no. As I say, people like to talk to her. She’s now looking for groceries and she stops and gets up on crutches to reach items. When she gets to the dog food, she gets up on one foot and puts a huge bag her her cart. She gets up from her cart and hops again to check out some pillows and then she drives over to the furniture to look for a nice ottoman to put her cast on. Before leaving the section, she finds a nice chair and foot rest and she props up her sexy casted foot and wiggles her toes as she talks. Before long, she wants to take her sweaty good foot out of the Crock and wiggle it too. Then it’s time to check out, so she heads to the self checkout and scans her items.

Price: $15 | 29 Min | 1080P

Or Buy it in 4K UHD for $4 more ($19). Large file size, H.265 codec: not for older computers and devices.

Betty’s Blue SLC – Part 2

 Posted by on November 23, 2023
Nov 232023

It’s been several weeks since Betty got her SLC and her leg is feeling good enough for her to walk on. Betty’s in bed, shifting her body around into different positions, moving her legs and feet. She finally gets up, gets dressed and heads downstairs. Next, you’re Betty’s friend coming over for a visit. She answers the door while standing on her cast and explains that she feels like she doesn’t need crutches and is now able to finally do stuff around the house. She invites you to have a seat on the couch and she sits so that her cast is pointed right at you as she starts talking about how long she’s had it and all her signatures. She recaps the accident and how much it hurt to break her leg, including the ride to the hospital and having it set. Then she talks about how gross and sweaty her cast is after all these weeks. She talks about her cast and her experience for a while and then she scoots closer and puts her cast on you leg. She pulls a sock over her toes and talks about how much she keeps smelling her cast. Its not long before her toes start feeling sweaty and itchy again so she has to pull her sock off and itch inside it with a butter knife. She asks you to hold her cast up for her as she lays back and wiggles her toes. She wants to show you how well she is doing so she gets up to show you how she is exercising and falls to the floor in pain. Betty is sure that it is broken again.

Price: $15 | 26 Min | 1080P

Or Buy it in 4K UHD for $4 more ($19). Large file size, H.265 codec: not for older computers and devices.

Maru’s Housecleaning 90° LLC – Part 1

 Posted by on November 19, 2023
Nov 192023

Maru’s got a broken leg casted in a 90° LLC but she’s a gig worker and can’t afford to lose her clients so she has to keep working. She’s asked you to take her to her house cleaning gig and as you drop her off, she asks if you’d like to hang out while she does the job. You agree and watch as she gets to work. The first thing she does is have a seat and put a sock over her csated toes. The house is in serious need of cleaning. Over the course of the next half hour, Maru really hustles as she starts with dusting up high and then sweeping while on crutches and hopping and balancing on one leg while using the dust pan. After cleaning the bottom floor, she hops her way up the stairs and then stands at the top of the stairs sweeping. (I had to cut and ask her to sit down). Next, she sits as she sweeps the stairs. Finally, she wraps it up, puts her sock back on and hops back over to her crutches. She wants to keep hanging out with you so you agree to take her shopping.

Price: $15 | 37 Min | 1080P

Or Buy it in 4K UHD for $4 more ($19). Large file size, H.265 codec: not for older computers and devices.

Nov 152023

Victoria is sitting on the couch with her boyfriend with a bandage around her ankle as you (her boyfriend) admire her new French pedicure. She says she would do anything to please you and you suggest that she could break her leg which surprises her. You explain that you have a thing for casts and she starts to make the connection that she was in a leg cast when you met. She’s only been out of her previous cast for a short time so she thinks she could easily break it by jumping off a chair in heels. She does the jump and is certain that she’s broken her ankle. She comes back from the hospital with a huge tube sock over her cast. But when she pulls off the cast, she reveals a soft cast. You are disappointed and tell her that you were hoping for something more colorful. She says it will just have to do for now and tries to get comfortable. She asks you to hold her leg up for her, but you let it slip and hit the coffee table and she insists that you did it on purpose. You get up and take her crutches and ask her to just take a few steps towards you and you will do anything for her. She reluctantly agrees and on her third painful step you hear a snap and she collapses to the ground. This time she says she can feel the break and it’s definitely broken. Later, she emerges from the doctor’s office with a big, red LLC and is in a lot of pain and she feels every bump in the road. She wants to make a couple quick stops but after crutching into the drug store, she realizes that she’s not ready to be out crutching. Back at home, she has a terrible time crutching around as she’s a total clutz and keeps hurting herself. You escort her upstairs and get her comfy in bed. A week later, you come to visit and she’s got some signatures on her cast. She’s been invited to go out with some friends so she puts on a dress and pulls some pantyhose up over her cast.

Price: $30 | 47 Min | 1080P

Or Buy it in 4K UHD for $4 more ($34). Large file size, H.265 codec: not for older computers and devices.

Alisha’s Pink Public LLC – Part 1

 Posted by on October 24, 2023
Oct 242023

Alisha’s in a big pink LLC, bent enough to see her casted toes and sole from the back, and a sexy little black dress. She’s out crutching around at the department store looking for some new shorts that are easy to pull up over her cast. Crutching’s a little harder than she expected and she takes a seat the first chance she gets. She crutches around, looking at all her options as we follow from behind. She comes to a display bed and gets up on it for a break with her nice tan toes sticking out of her leg cast. She’s the kind of person that people want to talk to so she gets comments from people she passes. In the shoe department, she takes a breather on a bench and then gets a size six shoe to try on. She crutches around the area in the new shoe looking for other shoes to try on. She works up a sweat in the shoe department and decides to just stick with her Crock and heads towards the exit… but not before running into someone she knows. Next, we’re at a coffee shop and as the camera is down by her wiggling toes, she talks about how tough it is to crutch and how sweaty and itchy her cast is. Her toes are hot so she takes her cold drink and puts it on her toes to cool them down. It’s probably some of the best public toe wiggling footage ever as she talks about her cast and how much her leg hurts.

Price: $15 | 28 Min | 1080P

Or Buy it in 4K UHD for $4 more ($19). Large file size, H.265 codec: not for older computers and devices.

Orchid’s Pink DLAC

 Posted by on October 18, 2023
Oct 182023

Orchid is sitting on the couch with her broken, casted arms whining, complaining and trying to come to grips with her situation. She gets a phone call from a friend and fails to answer it the first time but manages to answer the next time. She puts her friend on speaker phone and explains everything to her. She talks about how she was thrown from a horse and tried to catch herself and broke her arms. She had to get up and walk her horse back with two broken arms. When Orchid stands up, we see that she’s wearing some very short daisy dukes! In the kitchen, she struggles to do things like use a mini fan and get a drink of water. She heads to the bedroom to change clothes and has a hard time pulling her skin tight shorts over her hips. She tries to get her shirt off but eventually fails. Orchid next puts her shoes on but it takes her several minutes to tie her laces. After that, she heads back to the kitchen to put a bandaid on her butt, itch inside her cast and unwrap some starburst for a snack. I hope you enjoy Orchid’s sexy casting debut!

Price: $20 | 33 Min | 1080P

Or Buy it in 4K UHD for $4 more ($24). Large file size, H.265 codec: not for older computers and devices.

Roxy’s Zoo Outing LLC

 Posted by on October 10, 2023
Oct 102023

Roxy has a recently broken leg and her man has decided to take her to the zoo and push her around in the wheelchair. Her leg is still very sensitive and she feels every bump the wheelchair hits and starts complaining about it right off the bat. Her partner lovingly taunts her as he wheels her around and she talks about her cast and how it feels… throbbing, itchy, sweaty. She gets restless occasionally and so she gets up and crutches for a while, but her casted leg keeps feeling heavier and she has to sit back down. Roxy is in good spirits and appreciative for being out of the house but as the day wears on her leg starts to bother her more. At the food court Roxy gets some food and gets her cast propped up, while the camera gets a nice shot of her wiggling toes. She again says that she’s grateful for the trip to the zoo but her leg hurts and she’d like to go home soon. Next, she crutches towards the exit and stops at the gift shop.

Price: $20 | 42 Min | 1080P

Betty’s ULC

 Posted by on October 3, 2023
Oct 032023

Betty is waking up in bed with her ULC and her broken legs are painful. She immediately starts moaning about her broken legs and pulls back the cover to reveal her ULC. She props her leg up on a pillow and reads a book as she wiggles her toes. She tries moving to different positions to try and get more comfortable. From her POV, she moans about her poor broken legs. She’s hungry and dehydrated so she calls a friend to try and get them to come help her but they’re not able to come. Realizing that she must fend for herself, she figures out how to get out of bed and onto the floor. She painfully drags her cast over to the steps and begins scooting herself down. She’s not sure what to do when she reaches the bottom, so she tries pulling herself on her stomach, on her side and her butt. In the kitchen, she uses her arm strength to pull herself up onto a chair and gets a drink of water. Finally, she makes her way to a comfy chair in the living room.

Price: $20 | 25 Min | 1080P

Maru’s Leg Break Public Blue LLC – 3 Clip Bundle

 Posted by on September 28, 2023
Sep 282023

Part One: Maru is great in public and great at crutching so that’s the obvious choice with Maru, but this time I wanted to try some acting. In this clip, we’re at a park with Maru hanging out as she tries and tests out different outdoor exercise equipment. She’s having fun trying to figure out how they all work but eventually she takes a fall. Her leg is seriously hurt and after a moment of sitting there, she decides that she will probably need to go to the hospital. You hold her arm as she hops to the picnic shelter and grasps at her leg. And that’s pretty much where the acting ends. The rest of the clip is just Maru being Maru. She’s in a long blue leg cast and we’re following Maru around a bulk store as she crutches around, makes jokes and tries out furniture. She crutches around until deciding that she might like to try a scooter so she can actually take some items to the register.
Part Two: At the end of the last clip, Maru crutched to the front of the store looking for a scooter. Now, she’s got one and can actually go shopping so she goes back down the isles to pick up some items. She drives around the store with her cast dangling out to the side and stopping to get up and hop over to things for a closer look. After a while, she decides to elevate her cast by propping it up on the basket which gives a great view of her cast and toes sticking up in the air. She gets off the scooter to try out a couch and a chair and stops to try some free samples. Maru talks and tells stories the entire time and luckily she’s wearing a mic so you can hear her perfectly with minimal background noise like my voice. This clip is available with the bundle over at Joe’s along bonus crutching footage.
Bonus Clip: Maru switched to a scooter halfway through her shopping at the first store so she could buy some stuff, but if you’d like to see more, this bundle comes with 16 minutes of additional crutching footage at a department store.

Price: $25 | 80 Min | 1080P

Kim’s Black DSS (AI Upscale to 1080P)

 Posted by on September 21, 2023
Sep 212023

Back when this clip was originally posted 20 years ago, internet speeds were slow and hard drive space was limited. Hence the relatively poor quality by today’s standards. So unless you were one of the lucky few people who purchased the “All Kim” DVD back in the day, you’ve never seen this shoot at maximum quality (by 2003 standards). Filmed on a regular SD video camera with a tripod, it’s not the most detailed footage, but with today’s technology it can be upscaled with decent results. This was Kim’s first shoot and she was a friend of a friend. She nailed it! With her constant antics and testing her limitations, she was cracking us up the whole time. I’m sure all of you have seen this footage as it appears in it’s tiny 240P format in the archives of this site, but if you’re a Kim fan like me, you’ll be happy to view this clip in 1080P. Highlights include Kim constantly moving and dancing and clowing around, being fed pizza and getting a little inappropriate with Charles Entertainment Cheese. We had no plan on this shoot. It was all totally off the cuff. Shout out to Quantum for upscaling this footage and getting me up to speed on today’s available technology. Please check out his amazing art at:

Price: $20 | 24 Min | 1080P

Jessica Lynn’s Realtor Pantyhose LLC

 Posted by on September 15, 2023
Sep 152023

Jessica Lynn is a realtor who has an office in her house. She broke her leg while skiing two weeks ago and now she has an LLC with pantyhose over it. She was in the hospital until a few days ago. Now she wants to go back to work, as she still has some important projects going on. She’s looking for an assistant for support for the next few weeks. Jessica is doing some paperwork when she hears a knock at the door. It’s you, applying for the assistant position. She invites you in to have a seat at her desk. When she sits her pantyhose covered casted toes are visible under the desk and you can’t stop looking at them. She notices and you ask her some questions. Loving the attention, she answers and invites you to lift her cast to feel how heavy it is. She complains about crutching and how sore it makes her good foot. You offer her a foot rub and after considering it for a moment, she agrees. She puts her feet in your lap and moans as you rub her toes. She enjoys it so much that she hires you and has you sign a contract. Her first task for you is carrying a big stack of files up the stairs, but you’re clumsy and drop them on the steps causing Jessica to fall on her cast and injure her broken leg again! Does she fire you or let you pamper her casted toes some more? Watch to find out!

Price: $25 | 50 Min | 1080P

Jessica Lynn Breaks her Knee to Get a Pink CLC

 Posted by on September 7, 2023
Sep 072023

In this sponsored shoot, we get to see how Jessica would get a CLC for her boyfriend. Jessica is sitting on the couch as you admire her legs and feet. She says she would do anything to turn you on and so you take the opportunity to suggest that she break her knee so she can get a CLC for you. She is a little surprised at first, but she agrees to do it if it would turn you on. She contemplates how she should do it and she sees a hammer sitting on the table that she was using earlier to hang some pictures. She decides that a swift blow to the kneecap would be the easiest way to get a medical CLC for you. She gets up the courage and gives it a whack. Immediately she knows that it worked on the first try and she’s in a great deal of pain. Eventually, she’s able to hop so you can take her to the hospital. Next, she’s in bed, still moaning with pain but still kinda trying to tease you about her sexy new cast. Cut to a couple weeks later and she’s carefully walking around the house doing chores and she acts cute and teases you a bit as you follow her around. Further in the future, we see her walking around outside and her knee is feeling much better. She’s very happy that she decided to get her CLC and loves how much fun you’ve been having. Later, she invites you to come to bed.

Price: $15 | 28 Min | 1080P

Jean’s Pink LLC

 Posted by on September 5, 2023
Sep 052023

Jessica’s friend Jean is totally new to modeling, acting and casting but when Jessica told her that she does cast shoots, she wanted to try it. Even though Jean has no acting experience, she did a good job portraying someone with a freshly casted leg. This clip starts off with Jean waking up in bed with her leg propped up, moaning and whining about how sore her leg is. She slowly gets up and heads out of the room. After figuring out how to get down the stairs, she heads over to the couch. She has to get up and hop across the room to get some pillows to prop up her leg. Once she’s comfortable, her leg starts itching and she tries to use her fingers but decides to head to the kitchen and get a stick. Back at the couch, she sounds orgasmic as she uses the stick to itch inside her cast. Next, her friend calls her on the phone after hearing about her accident. She talks to her friend for several minutes about the whole ordeal as she moves her cast and toes around. After that she finds her stick and starts itching inside her cast again as she makes dramatic, maybe sexual sounds and wiggles her cute little feet around. There was going to be more video, but then Jessica came back with a pizza and she just hung out in her cast for a couple more hours before we did pictures. Let me know if you’d like to see Jean again.

Price: $10 | 27 Min | 1080P

Victoria’s Return LLC

 Posted by on August 27, 2023
Aug 272023

Victoria crutches through the front door with a painful broken leg in a fresh LLC and heads to the couch. After sitting down, propping her leg up and whining for a minute she decides that she should get something to drink before she gets too comfortable. She starts banging her cast on things as soon as she gets up and has a rough trip to the kitchen as she’s very clumsy on crutches. After struggling in the kitchen for a few minutes, it’s too much for her and she has to sit down and prop up her leg. She props her leg up on a stool and whines as the camera moves in for some closeups. She realizes that the kitchen chair she’s sitting in has wheels so she uses that to navigate the kitchen and get a snack. Back in the living room she crawls across the floor to get more pillows to prop her cast up on. After getting her cast propped up, she calls a friend and tells her about her broken leg and how she broke it. Next, you’re Victoria’s friend coming over to help her and she’s being very pathetic. She whines and talks about how miserable she is as you check out her cast. She asks you to hold her cast up for her. She wiggles her toes in your face for a bit and then starts to notice how you’re acting and accuses you of being turned on by her cast. At first she things it’s weird and makes you move across the room while she processes it. You’re ready to be kicked out, but instead she starts to get it and can see how her cast is sexy too so she has you come back over to the couch and hold it up for her again. She wiggles her toes in your face as she talks about how she’s kinda into it too. She wants to go upstairs so she asks you to hold her cast as she crutches upstairs. In the bedroom, you help her get her leg propped up and check out her cast. You start to leave, but she invites you to lay down next to her as she drifts off to sleep.

Price: $25 | 36 Min | 1080P

Betty’s Blue SLC

 Posted by on August 14, 2023
Aug 142023

Betty broke her leg while running and is coming home in a brand new blue SLC and really feeling it. She crutches in the door and sits on the couch complaining about the cast and her painful broken leg. She calls her friend Alisha and tells her all about it and then props her leg up on a pillow and wiggles her toes. She’s skeptical that she will not be able to walk on her cast so she tries stepping on it and it hurts so she gets up on crutches and heads into the kitchen where she has a hard time maneuvering around without hitting her cast on things. After getting a drink and returning to the couch, she realizes that she needs her laptop to catch up on some work so she hops to the kitchen to grab it. She makes another trip to get her water and accidentally steps on her cast. She props her leg up high on the arm of the couch while she works. Next she goes outside for some fresh air on her crutches. After that she’s exhausted and just wants to lay down so after a tricky trip upstairs and hopping to the bed, she props her cast up on some pillows and tries to find a comfortable position while the camera hangs out by her wiggling toes. Let me know what you think of Betty’s acting and what you’d like to see next.

Price: $15 | 30 Min | 1080P

Jessica Lynn’s Antiquing LLC – Part 2

 Posted by on August 6, 2023
Aug 062023

In the previous clip, Jessica crutched around an antique store, trying out all the furniture in her LLC. Now, in this clip our next stop was the craft store because Jessica loves crafts. At this point, she’s still full of energy and having a good time as she happily crutches around commenting on everything that catches her eye and sometimes commenting about how sexy her cast is. After that, Jessica wants to show me a huge international grocery store that she’s familiar with. She’s a bit tired when we get there but still manages to stay positive, but after a while she starts to lose steam and needs to take a break. She directs me to her favorite coffee so I can buy some. After a little more crutching, she’s too tired to go on so we leave and back at her place she gets a well deserved toe rub.

Price: $15 | 33 Min | 1080P

Jessica Lynn’s Faux Med LATS

 Posted by on July 26, 2023
Jul 262023

This clip is a combination of some recent arm cast requests so enjoy! You’re Jessica’s friend coming over for a visit but when you arrive you notice that she has her wrist wrapped with ace bandage and an ice pack on it. She fell the other day but she insists that it’s fine and no big deal, but you notice that she keeps wincing when she tries to use it. She eventually yelps loudly and it’s obvious to you that it’s broken. After much protest she finally agrees to have it checked out. Cut to later and she’s getting in your vehicle with a LATS and is not happy about it. Her wrist has two fractures and she has to have the cast for at least a month. She complains about it the whole ride home. Back at home, she has a lot of difficulty doing basic things like changing clothes, making a sandwich and cleaning up after herself. Cut to a couple weeks later and she’s hanging out watching TV with her girlfriend Blair. They talk about the cast and Jessica’s guy friend who is obviously attracted to her cast. Blair rubs Jessica’s feet with lotion and also thinks her cast is sexy. They decide that Jessica should give her guy friend a casted handjob to repay him for all that he does for her. Later, when you visit Jessica, she’s got a sexy surprise for you!

Price: $25 | 42 Min | 1080P

Briella Jaden’s Cast Talk Park LLC

 Posted by on July 26, 2023
Jul 262023

So Briella Jaden came through my area recently and we did this spontaneous shoot at the park. Unfortunately, something came up and she had to leave early and we didn’t get to finish the shoot, but what we have is pretty good. Briella has a great, flirty way of talking (plus some nice feet) and we find her sitting at the park with her LLC. She tells us all about it, what it feels like, what happened and what it’s like to have the cast. She ad-libs everything and her experience with casts shows. She constantly moves her cast around as she talks about it and then asks us to hold her cast up for her so her casted toes are right in our face as she wiggles them. Next, we walk with her as she crutches and she complains about her pain and how hard crutching is the whole time. After that, she is sitting on a picnic table, talking about how the walk hurt her and how she can’t walk any more and inexplicably drops her cast on the table, hurting her leg further. Again, ad-libbed.

Price: $10 | 12 Min | 1080P

Alisha’s Black/Grey LLC & Grey LAC

 Posted by on July 15, 2023
Jul 152023

Luckily I recently got back in touch with the beautiful Alisha and she’s just as hot as she did last time we saw her. I wanted to see how she would do with some acting so in this clip she’s got a newly broken leg and arm after an accident on some stairs. The clip starts out with her just trying to get her painful leg more comfortable on the couch. Her toes are cold so she pulls a small white ankle sock over her casted toes as best she can, which is difficult because of her painful broken arm. She calls a friend to vent about how she broke her leg and how she’s got to be casted for the next six weeks. While she’s on the phone, her cast starts to itch a lot so she tries to itch inside her cast with a comb and even tries using her other foot to hold the comb. She does some crutching outside to check the mail and then she realizes that her friend is coming over in an hour and she’s been wearing the same clothes for three days so she needs to change. She painfully scoots up the stairs, dropping her cast at one point. When she reaches the top, she has to hop because she left her crutches downstairs. She manages to change clothes and scoot back down the stairs. In the kitchen she bangs her cast on the refrigerator and hurts her leg more. Finally, we see her trying to get comfortable in bed, trying lots of positions.

Price: $20 | 37 Min | 1080P

Angel’s Zoo Date LLC – Part 2

 Posted by on July 7, 2023
Jul 072023

Last we saw Angel, she had talked her guy friend into pushing her around in a wheelchair at the zoo. Now, she asks him to pull her pant leg up higher on the cast, which he doesn’t do to her satisfaction. She then has him pick her up and put her back in her chair, complaining that her toes are touching the ground. He pushes her around in the chair until she has him assist her with posing on another statue before having him pick her back up and place her in the wheelchair. Once they get to the polar bears, she’s back up on crutches for a while. After that, he pushes her into a nice log cabin where she gets up and poses for some pictures and also some pictures on a bench, where the camera gets some nice closeups of her casted toes. She eventually is a little too rough on her broken leg and just wants to go home. Angel comes through her front door with her sock back on and whining that her leg is more sore than before. She doesn’t feel good and has her friend prop her cast up high on his lap and take her socks off. Tired and “hangry” she has him itch her casted foot with a back scratcher and then rub her feet as she whines.

Price: $20 | 45 Min | 1080P

Jessica Lynn’s Antiquing LLC – Part 1

 Posted by on June 23, 2023
Jun 232023

Jessica Lynn is very excited to go antiquing in her LLC as she crutches into the antique mall. She’s on a mission to find the ultimate chair to sit in with her LLC. She immediately starts interracing with things, trying out chairs and even weighing her cast. She’s in good spirits but still acts like it hurts when she bumps her cast into something. She crutches around slowly and carefully, occasionally pausing to just let her leg swing back and forth. As she joyously browses around and admires all the cool stuff, she tries out pretty much every seat she finds, carefully sitting down and getting back up, and sometimes finds a way to elevate her leg so the camera can get a nice view of her wiggling toes. She also talks about how heavy her cast is and how she thinks it’s sexy.

Price: $20 | 30 Min | 1080P

Josey’s Light Blue 1.5 HS

 Posted by on June 19, 2023
Jun 192023

In this non-nude 1.5 HS video, Josey keeps her private areas covered by a towel or a dress the entire time. The clip starts out with Josey being very sore on the couch, whining and complaining to herself about her unfortunate sitation after being in a car accident. She’s in a neck brace and very uncomfortable. She tries to adjust herself but it’s just too painful to move. She ponders how she will do anything over the coming weeks and how much it’s going to suck. She calls a friend to vent and talk about her accident and her cast. Cut to a day in the future and she’s decided that she is healed enough to stand on her cast and try to do some things around the house. There will be company coming over later so she pulls a dress over her cast so she will be covered if people come while she’s standing. She tries to get up but can’t so she calls over a friend to just get her on her feet. Next, she’s up on her feet in the kitchen, loading the dish washer as best she can. She tries to do some sweeping but hurts her leg and decides that she’s done for the day. She makes her way back to the couch, slowly and painfully and gets herself onto it.

Price: $25 | 38 Min | 1080P

Jun 102023

Adara’s on the phone with her crush when he tells her about his cast fetish. She confused but wants to make it happen for him. Unaware that casting supplies are available to the public, she decides that the easiest way to get a cast would be to jump off a chair in high heels. She has some high heeled boots so they will have to do. She makes the jump and it hurts more than she expected. She calls her crush to come and take her to the hospital. Even though she’s in a great deal of pain she starts talking dirty to him and asking him how much he’s turned on. While she waits for him to arrive, she carefully pulls off her boot revealing her swollen ankle in her tube sock. Next, you’re her crush and you arrive to take her to the hospital. She asks you to hold it up for her as she screams and starts talking dirty about how she’s going to get a big cast for you and how turned on you’ll be. Later, she comes home in her new LLC and has you help her onto the couch and get her leg propped up. She has you try and hold her cast up higher for her to relieve some of the pain, giving you a great view of her cute casted toes. For a while, she moans on the couch and contemplates how she will be able to cope for the next six weeks. As you’re perving on her toes, she asks you to have a seat and watch her in her cast. She teases you with her toes and cast and talks sexy to you as she winces and gasps. She gets so horny that she makes you leave because she can’t have sex yet. Next, she decides to call and tease you about her cast, talking about her cast, her toes, her broken leg and scratching her cast into the phone. On another day, she meets you at the grocery store so she will not be tempted to have sex with you. She tells you that she could have used a scooter but she’s crutching around for you. She’s still in a lot of pain and gasps as she crutches, getting encouragment from passers by. She makes comments and teases you about all the fun you’re going to have while she has her cast. She stumbles and hurts her cast in the dairy aisle. Next, you have lunch together at a mexican restaurant where she props her cast up right in front of you so you have to stare at her casted toes wiggling throughout the entire meal and she makes a point to tease you about it and remind you that your obsession is why you can’t go back to her place with her. Before the meal ends, she moves closer and puts her cast on your leg, wiggles her toes and tells you that you’re just going to have to take care of yourself after you drop her off. Cut to later and you’re waking up in bed next to her. After you check out her cast and toes for a few minutes, she says she thinks she’s ready to go again!

Price: $30 | 45 Min | 1080P

Or Buy it in 4K UHD for $4 more ($34). Large file size, H.265 codec: not for older computers and devices.