Jan 092021

When we got to the bedroom on this shoot, we did my next attempt at an ASMR video. This clip is not candid as Jessica is in full character and she’s pretending as if her casts are real and she’s still in some real pain. She’s talking to herself and is very distressed about breaking her legs and the kind of casts she received. As she feels sorry for herself, she rubs and taps her casts and rubs her casted legs together. This clip is shot from two angles so you can see her overall from the foot of the bed and then closeups of her casts and hands as she makes sounds. She talks about all aspects of her cast experience, from how much she wants to straighten her leg to how painful it was when they set her bones and how she felt when the brought her into the hospital. She talks about how bored she is and how hard it has been staying in bed all day. In the last half of the clip she begins to lighten up and talk about how the casts make her feel sexy and then she gets into all the things she likes about her cast, including how they feel on the inside and outside. Then the cast talk gets extremely flirty! You really don’t want to miss this one!

Price: $25 | 35 Min | 1080P

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