Jessica Lynn’s Faux Med LATS

 Posted by on July 26, 2023
Jul 262023

This clip is a combination of some recent arm cast requests so enjoy! You’re Jessica’s friend coming over for a visit but when you arrive you notice that she has her wrist wrapped with ace bandage and an ice pack on it. She fell the other day but she insists that it’s fine and no big deal, but you notice that she keeps wincing when she tries to use it. She eventually yelps loudly and it’s obvious to you that it’s broken. After much protest she finally agrees to have it checked out. Cut to later and she’s getting in your vehicle with a LATS and is not happy about it. Her wrist has two fractures and she has to have the cast for at least a month. She complains about it the whole ride home. Back at home, she has a lot of difficulty doing basic things like changing clothes, making a sandwich and cleaning up after herself. Cut to a couple weeks later and she’s hanging out watching TV with her girlfriend Blair. They talk about the cast and Jessica’s guy friend who is obviously attracted to her cast. Blair rubs Jessica’s feet with lotion and also thinks her cast is sexy. They decide that Jessica should give her guy friend a casted handjob to repay him for all that he does for her. Later, when you visit Jessica, she’s got a sexy surprise for you!

Price: $25 | 42 Min | 1080P

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