Dec 182020

This shoot, filmed around Halloween, is a throwback to the old Ellen pink DLLC shoot from many years ago. I had an extra photographer on this shoot, so I just filmed everything candid, behind-the-scenes style as Jessica models and attempts to move from place to place in her opposite angled LLCs. She starts off on a chair and then crawls over to and up on the couch. After busting out some hot poses, she crawls on her hands and casted knees over to the steps, where she tries scooting up on her butt and then figures out that it’s easier another way. She crawls into the bedroom, giving an excellent shot from behind, and then up on the bed. While we were up there, we filmed an “ASMR” clip (coming soon). Then we see Jessica get carried to the bathroom before making her way back downstairs.

Price: $20 | 27 Min | 1080P

Or get the clip plus over 200 images from this shoot in 10MP resolution for $25!

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