Fay’s Faux Term LLC

 Posted by on February 9, 2016
Feb 092016

fayftllc02.09.16 – This is a really hot clip. You are Fay’s roommate and you’ve always had a thing for her. Now she has an LLC, so you sneak into her bedroom while she’s taking a nap to get closer to her cast. She’s had it for about a week now. Too bad most of it is covered up by sweat pants, but not her toes. She eventually stirs and you retreat. Next, it’s five weeks later. Fay’s cast is covered in signatures and extremely worn. She props her cast on your lap so you can put one last signature on it. She falls asleep with her cast on your lap as she wiggles her toes. Finally, you take her to get her cast removed and she admits that she likes having a cast and thinks you liked it too.

Resolution: 1080P

Running Time, 20 Min.

Price: $15

Or get the clip plus 165 images from this set, in 10MP resolution, for only $21

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