Jun 102023

This clip starts with a recap of how Adara broke her leg. In the previous clip, she broke her leg for her crush (you) and got an LLC, but she sent you away and would only talk to you on the phone because her leg is still too painful and broken for sex. Now, she wants to hang out with you, but she’s afraid that if you were to come over to her place you might have sex. So she’s decided to meet you in public at the grocery store. You meet up with her in the produce section and she explains why she wanted to meet you in public and tells you that she could have used a scooter but she’s crutching around for you. She’s still in a lot of pain and gasps as she crutches, getting encouragment from passers by. She makes comments and teases you about all the fun you’re going to have while she has her cast. She stumbles and hurts her cast in the dairy aisle. Next, you have lunch together at a mexican restaurant where she props her cast up right in front of you so you have to stare at her casted toes wiggling throughout the entire meal and she makes a point to tease you about it and remind you that your obsession is why you can’t go back to her place with her. Before the meal ends, she moves closer and puts her cast on your leg, wiggles her toes and tells you that you’re just going to have to take care of yourself after you drop her off. Cut to later and you’re waking up in bed next to her. After you check out her cast and toes for a few minutes, she says she thinks she’s ready to go again!

Price: $20 | 24 Min | 1080P

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