Kim’s Red SHS (AI Upscale to 1080P)

 Posted by on December 8, 2023
Dec 082023

Here’s another classic clip from 20 years ago of the fun and sexy Kim on her second shoot (I think). This is what we were posting on CF around Hallween in 2003. It was late and the clip starts off in the bedroom where Kim is in bed wiggling her toes after just having her cast finished. We tease her a little bit for not being able to put on her sock and then we get it on for her. Kim gets up out of bed and walks down the stairs. Next we see her awkwardly get out of the car and start walking down the sidewalk with a funny and exaggerated gimp as passers yell from their cars. She finds some stairs in front of a building to walk up and down. Next, she slides herself back into the car and we head back to my place where she tries to get comfortable on the couch and pose for pictures. We get some toe wiggling shots and then she gets on the floor. After that, Kim’s at the grocery store in a scooter driving around and shopping for snacks. I suggest that she walk around a little and so she gets up and walks around in her big house slipper. The clip ends with her crutching around a little in the parking lot and then getting her cast removed. It’s only sixteen minutes but so much happens, it seems longer.

Price: $20 | 16 Min | 1080P

Josey’s Light Blue 1.5 HS

 Posted by on June 19, 2023
Jun 192023

In this non-nude 1.5 HS video, Josey keeps her private areas covered by a towel or a dress the entire time. The clip starts out with Josey being very sore on the couch, whining and complaining to herself about her unfortunate sitation after being in a car accident. She’s in a neck brace and very uncomfortable. She tries to adjust herself but it’s just too painful to move. She ponders how she will do anything over the coming weeks and how much it’s going to suck. She calls a friend to vent and talk about her accident and her cast. Cut to a day in the future and she’s decided that she is healed enough to stand on her cast and try to do some things around the house. There will be company coming over later so she pulls a dress over her cast so she will be covered if people come while she’s standing. She tries to get up but can’t so she calls over a friend to just get her on her feet. Next, she’s up on her feet in the kitchen, loading the dish washer as best she can. She tries to do some sweeping but hurts her leg and decides that she’s done for the day. She makes her way back to the couch, slowly and painfully and gets herself onto it.

Price: $25 | 38 Min | 1080P

Bella’s Hinged 1.5 HS

 Posted by on August 21, 2021
Aug 212021

In this candid, spontaneous shoot, Bella’s in a red and black hinged 1.5 hip spica with a walking heel. I film Bella everywhere she goes. She’s unsure of her ability to walk in it at first, so she starts out walking with crutches. Next, she tries walking without crutches and gets the hang of it. Outside, I realize I have forgot my camera, so I handed the camera to Bella so she could film her own cast while I’m gone… it’s pretty good so I left most of it in. Later, we try adjusting the knee bend of her cast so she has to crutch. Finally I get a little footage of her in the studio getting up and down on the bed.

Price: $15 | 25 Min | 1080P

Angel’s Risser Pantaloon and DASFTS

 Posted by on March 23, 2021
Mar 232021

In a sort of sequel to Angel’s Orange Pantaloon, Angel is now casted from her knees to her neck in a risser pantaloon. Her hands are in short arm finger spicas. This video is shot candid style as Angel has to try and get around mostly by herself and see what she can do. She starts in a laying position on the couch and tries to get up but eventually needs assistance. Next, she takes a scary trip up the stairs with someone spotting her from behind. When she gets upstairs, it takes her a while to figure out how she’s going to get in bed, but she does eventually make it. Once in bed, I want her to move around for some pictures, but she doesn’t think she can at all. She manages to rotate herself a little bit, but eventually needs help to move. Then we put a sheet over her so she can pretend she’s waking up in the morning and has to try and get up. She insists that she can barely move, but manages to get closer to the edge. Eventually she gets help standing up. And after an even scarier trip down the steps, Angel heads to the kitchen to get a snack which proves to be quite difficult. After taking some pictures out back, Angel walks back inside and has to get back on the couch for some pictures. Angel is hilarious and entertaining as usual, so don’t miss this one.

Price: $25 | 50 Min | 1080P

Angel’s Orange Pantaloon w/Spreader Bar

 Posted by on February 13, 2021
Feb 132021

I did a rush job to get this shoot up just about three hours after the shoot finished. This just happened a few hours ago. In this epic, action packed clip, Angel’s in a big, thick, orange pantaloon with spreader bar. The clip starts out with Angel doing stretches on the floor, enjoying all the flexibility she will soon not be able to. Next, she’s on the couch in her third day of being in this solid, sitting position pantaloon. She tells about the fact that her doctor thought he’d be justified in casting her down to her toes, but she was very happy when he decided to only cast to her knees. But he made the cast so thick and solid that it’s not much better. We observe her struggling and squirming and doing her best to get comfortable for the first several minutes. The cast is digging into her back and she just wants to touch the floor with her feet. At first, she attempts crawling, but she cannot. Then she gets up the courage to try and walk and manages to get to the kitchen and get a snack, struggling to reach the things she wants. If that’s not enough, she scoots herself up the stairs and onto a bed for an ASMR-like scene where she scratches her cast and talks about how it feels. I’ve left in lots of candid moments because they’re entertaining. Angel’s her usual hilarious self, so don’t miss it if you enjoy Angel clips!

Price: $25 | 55 Min | 1080P

Paradise’s Sitting Position DHS Struggle

 Posted by on March 9, 2020
Mar 092020

First of all, this clip has NO nudity. Paradise gives an amazing performance in this 26 minute clip as someone in a fresh sitting position DHS, that’s still in a great deal of pain. She starts by just wanting to sit up and even that’s an an ordeal for her. Once in an upright position, her phone starts ringing across the room and she has to make her way over to it, as painful and difficult as it is. Later, she tries to wheel herself to the kitchen.

Price: $20 | 26 Min | 1080P

Or get the clip plus 300 images from this shoot in 10MP resolution for $25!

Angel’s 1.5 HS Struggling and Cast Talk

 Posted by on March 23, 2018
Mar 232018

This 30 minute clip starts out with Angel in a 1.5 HS with no spreader bar, struggling to get comfortable on the couch. Then she talks candidly about how the cast feels so far and what it’s like. Next, I add a spreader bar and some signatures and Angel has to move from the chair to the couch and make herself comfortable again. Finally, Angel spends a lot of time answering questions about the cast and talking about it.

Price: $25 | 30 Min | 1080P

Or get the clip plus 90 images from this shoot in 10MP resolution for $30!

Bella’s Orange DHS

 Posted by on March 7, 2016
Mar 072016

03/07/16 – Bella is in a big orange DHS with a diaper over the opening. She’s not able to do much for herself, but luckily her friend Eugene is there to help her. He waits on her hand and casted foot and helps take her to the kitchen and bathroom. At one point he has a little fun and tickles her.

Resolution: 1080P

Running Time, 21 Min.

Price: $16

Or get the clip plus 100 images from this set, in 10MP resolution, for only $20