Juli’s Pink SLC

 Posted by on May 11, 2024
May 112024

Welcome new model Juli! Juli is on day one of her pink SLC in this clip. She crutches over to the couch, props her cast up and paints her nails because her cute toes will be sticking out for weeks. Next, she crutches into the kitchen to get herself a snack. gasping and wincing, she hops around the kitchen looking for a snack and ends up making a peanut butter sandwich standing on her good, sock covered foot. After that, she props her cast up on some pillows and calls a friend to tell them about breaking her leg and getting a cast. She gets off the phone to send her friend a picture of her cast and then she tries putting her cast in different positions to get comfortable. She tries stretching a little. Her toes are cold so she pulls a sock over them, but only for a moment because she has an itch inside her cast. She puts her sock back on and wonders how she’s going to do this for over six weeks. There’s more to this story, so stay tuned!

Price: $10 | 20 Min | 1080P