Feb 052024

Alisha and Betty were in an accident a couple of weeks ago and they both got SLCs on opposite legs. Betty’s coming over to visit Alisha and she crutches in. They are good friends and very happy to see each other and grateful that they only ended up getting short leg casts. They’re also both wearing a little white sock over their toes. First they catch up and talk about their casts for a bit and then they decide to rub each other’s toes. They take off the socks and see that their casts have no signatures on the foot, so they write some funny and flirty things on each other’s casts. Next, Alisha asks Betty to suck her toes but Alisha has the first taste. They lick and suck each other’s toes for a few minutes before Alisha remembers that she has some whipped cream. First, they take turns licking whipped cream off each other’s toes and then do it at the same time. Before long, Alisha’s feeling pretty hot and bothered and asks Betty if she’d like to go upstairs. Stay tuned after the clip for a bonus six minutes of slow motion toe licking and sucking with some audio of Alisha and Betty talking about how guys love their casts.

Price: $25 | 21 Min | 1080P

Alisha’s Pink Public LLC – Part 2

 Posted by on December 5, 2023
Dec 052023

Next it’s off to the craft store and Alisha is on the lookout for some new furniture for her cast. She proceeds to crutch around the store as we follow behind until she finds somewhere to sit and itch her toes. She crutches around some more until she finds a stool with wheels to sit and scoot around on. She thinks it would be nice to have that at home to give her a break from crutches. On the way out, she finds a spot to sit and prop up her cast for a nice view of her cute wiggling toes as she talks about her sore, throbbing leg. She thinks maybe it was a bad idea to go shopping so soon and wants to put her leg up on some pillows. At the next store, I find Alisha on a scooter talking to someone. I ask her if she knows him and she said no. As I say, people like to talk to her. She’s now looking for groceries and she stops and gets up on crutches to reach items. When she gets to the dog food, she gets up on one foot and puts a huge bag her her cart. She gets up from her cart and hops again to check out some pillows and then she drives over to the furniture to look for a nice ottoman to put her cast on. Before leaving the section, she finds a nice chair and foot rest and she props up her sexy casted foot and wiggles her toes as she talks. Before long, she wants to take her sweaty good foot out of the Crock and wiggle it too. Then it’s time to check out, so she heads to the self checkout and scans her items.

Price: $15 | 29 Min | 1080P

Alisha’s Pink Public LLC – Part 1

 Posted by on October 24, 2023
Oct 242023

Alisha’s in a big pink LLC, bent enough to see her casted toes and sole from the back, and a sexy little black dress. She’s out crutching around at the department store looking for some new shorts that are easy to pull up over her cast. Crutching’s a little harder than she expected and she takes a seat the first chance she gets. She crutches around, looking at all her options as we follow from behind. She comes to a display bed and gets up on it for a break with her nice tan toes sticking out of her leg cast. She’s the kind of person that people want to talk to so she gets comments from people she passes. In the shoe department, she takes a breather on a bench and then gets a size six shoe to try on. She crutches around the area in the new shoe looking for other shoes to try on. She works up a sweat in the shoe department and decides to just stick with her Crock and heads towards the exit… but not before running into someone she knows. Next, we’re at a coffee shop and as the camera is down by her wiggling toes, she talks about how tough it is to crutch and how sweaty and itchy her cast is. Her toes are hot so she takes her cold drink and puts it on her toes to cool them down. It’s probably some of the best public toe wiggling footage ever as she talks about her cast and how much her leg hurts.

Price: $15 | 28 Min | 1080P

Alisha’s Black/Grey LLC & Grey LAC

 Posted by on July 15, 2023
Jul 152023

Luckily I recently got back in touch with the beautiful Alisha and she’s just as hot as she did last time we saw her. I wanted to see how she would do with some acting so in this clip she’s got a newly broken leg and arm after an accident on some stairs. The clip starts out with her just trying to get her painful leg more comfortable on the couch. Her toes are cold so she pulls a small white ankle sock over her casted toes as best she can, which is difficult because of her painful broken arm. She calls a friend to vent about how she broke her leg and how she’s got to be casted for the next six weeks. While she’s on the phone, her cast starts to itch a lot so she tries to itch inside her cast with a comb and even tries using her other foot to hold the comb. She does some crutching outside to check the mail and then she realizes that her friend is coming over in an hour and she’s been wearing the same clothes for three days so she needs to change. She painfully scoots up the stairs, dropping her cast at one point. When she reaches the top, she has to hop because she left her crutches downstairs. She manages to change clothes and scoot back down the stairs. In the kitchen she bangs her cast on the refrigerator and hurts her leg more. Finally, we see her trying to get comfortable in bed, trying lots of positions.

Price: $20 | 37 Min | 1080P

Alisha’s LLC

 Posted by on December 8, 2018
Dec 082018

Alisha’s in an LLC and crutches to the park, then we get some nice closeup shots of her feet. Then she stretches and tries to get comfortable at home.

Resolution: 1080P

Running Time, 11 Min.

Price: $10

Or get the clip plus over 200 images from this shoot in 10MP resolution for $15!