Maru’s Housecleaning 90° LLC – Part 1

 Posted by on November 19, 2023
Nov 192023

Maru’s got a broken leg casted in a 90° LLC but she’s a gig worker and can’t afford to lose her clients so she has to keep working. She’s asked you to take her to her house cleaning gig and as you drop her off, she asks if you’d like to hang out while she does the job. You agree and watch as she gets to work. The first thing she does is have a seat and put a sock over her csated toes. The house is in serious need of cleaning. Over the course of the next half hour, Maru really hustles as she starts with dusting up high and then sweeping while on crutches and hopping and balancing on one leg while using the dust pan. After cleaning the bottom floor, she hops her way up the stairs and then stands at the top of the stairs sweeping. (I had to cut and ask her to sit down). Next, she sits as she sweeps the stairs. Finally, she wraps it up, puts her sock back on and hops back over to her crutches. She wants to keep hanging out with you so you agree to take her shopping.

Price: $15 | 37 Min | 1080P

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