Anna’s Black LLC

 Posted by on March 1, 2022
Mar 012022

Welcome the beautiful new model Anna to Cast Fetish. She’s had lots of prior experience with casts and broken bones but she’s new to modeling. In this clip, she’s dealing with her new cast and broken leg at home. Her leg is very painful and itchy and she’s struggling to get her leg comfortable on the couch. We observe her talking about her situation and her broken leg as she tries to get her leg elevated and comfortable in different positions. She finds a ruler to itch inside her cast and we watch her itching from her POV. She eventually scoots up the stairs and hops to the bedroom. She’s never done any acting but it’s a great first effort. Finally, Jessica talks with her about her new cast.

Price: $15 | 33 Min | 1080P

Anna’s SLC

 Posted by on August 7, 2016
Aug 072016

08.07.16 – Anna is in a white SLC and dress learning how to crutch for the first time. She tries to get the hang of it, going at different speeds. She takes a break on a bench to prop up her cast and admire it while she wiggles her toes.

Resolution: 1080P

Running Time, 5 Min.

Price: $8

Or get the clip plus a 35 image gallery in 10MP resolution for only $9