Jessica Lynn’s Stepbrother Leg Break LLC

 Posted by on December 12, 2023
Dec 122023

In this sponsored shoot, Jessica and her stepbrother (you/camera) are both in their 20’s and college students, but due to financial problems, she has had to move back home and live with her him, whom she hates. You walk into the room to find Jessica on the couch wearing pantyhose and her legs pointed right at you. You bicker about who’s turn it is to clean the house this week but then Jessica decides to blackmail you by threatening to tell your parents about your “secrets”. First, she says it’s obvious that you’re attracted to her legs and pantyhose and calls you a weirdo and then she reminds you about the time she caught you looking at sexy cast pictures on the internet. At this point, she kinda has you but she gets up to leave and go shopping and you hear a crash. You run in to find Jessica on the floor holding her leg with money all over the floor. She tried to steal money from your parent’s secret stash and you’re ready to give them a call. She begs you not to call them and says that she will let you touch her cast when she gets it. You agree and take her to the hospital. Sure enough, she comes out of the hospital in an LLC with pantyhose pulled up over it. She asks if she can put her foot on your lap and rub her toes. It is the greatest day of your life. You take care of her and she really appreciates it, allowing you to rub her toes as she falls asleep. In the morning, she wakes you up in an amazing way!

Price: $25 | 47 Min | 1080P

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