Natalie’s Hinged LLWC & DLAC

 Posted by on September 30, 2016
Sep 302016

In this 6 clip collection, the beautiful Natalie is casted in a hinged LLWC and two long arm casts. Luckily she has a friend along to help her do everything. Her friend helps her eat and drink, change clothes and go up and down the stairs. Natalie crutches and walks on her LLWC in these clips. There’s over 30 minutes of footage, so don’t miss it! 

Resolution: 1080P

Running Time, 30 Min.

Price: $20

Or get the clip plus 50 images from this shoot in 10MP resolution for $23!

Natalie’s LLC

 Posted by on August 11, 2016
Aug 112016

08.11.16 – In this short, but sweet clip, Natalie crutches down the sidewalk at a shopping center as shoppers walk by and watch her. I film her entering the furniture store where I got some cool pictures. Then finally I get a really nice toe wiggling shot as she giggles and wiggles her casted toes for the camera.

Resolution: 1080P

Running Time, 5 Min.

Price: $8

Or get the clip plus a 150 image gallery in 10MP resolution for only $15