Nov 152023

Victoria is sitting on the couch with her boyfriend with a bandage around her ankle as you (her boyfriend) admire her new French pedicure. She says she would do anything to please you and you suggest that she could break her leg which surprises her. You explain that you have a thing for casts and she starts to make the connection that she was in a leg cast when you met. She’s only been out of her previous cast for a short time so she thinks she could easily break it by jumping off a chair in heels. She does the jump and is certain that she’s broken her ankle. She comes back from the hospital with a huge tube sock over her cast. But when she pulls off the cast, she reveals a soft cast. You are disappointed and tell her that you were hoping for something more colorful. She says it will just have to do for now and tries to get comfortable. She asks you to hold her leg up for her, but you let it slip and hit the coffee table and she insists that you did it on purpose. You get up and take her crutches and ask her to just take a few steps towards you and you will do anything for her. She reluctantly agrees and on her third painful step you hear a snap and she collapses to the ground. This time she says she can feel the break and it’s definitely broken. Later, she emerges from the doctor’s office with a big, red LLC and is in a lot of pain and she feels every bump in the road. She wants to make a couple quick stops but after crutching into the drug store, she realizes that she’s not ready to be out crutching. Back at home, she has a terrible time crutching around as she’s a total clutz and keeps hurting herself. You escort her upstairs and get her comfy in bed. A week later, you come to visit and she’s got some signatures on her cast. She’s been invited to go out with some friends so she puts on a dress and pulls some pantyhose up over her cast.

Price: $30 | 47 Min | 1080P

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