Victoria’s Leg Break Pink SLC and Purple LLC

 Posted by on February 16, 2024
Feb 162024

In a prequel to this clip (coming soon to CF), Victoria had broken her ankle, got a pink SLC and found out that her crush loves casts as much as she does. Now, she’s just relaxing on the couch when she realizes that she doesn’t have her phone. Although her crutches are right there, she gets up and walks on her SLC, looking around the room for her phone. Then she realizes that she probably left it upstairs. Instead of grabbing her crutches, she continues to walk on her SLC and starts up the steps. Halfway up the steps, her casted leg gives out on her, causing her to fall. Next, she’s at the bottom of the steps and this injury hurts a little more than the last one. As she’s sitting there, she sees her phone right by the door and calls for help. Next, Victoria’s on the couch in a purple LLC and a pink SLC, kind of excited and torn between just telling her friend and keeping it a surprise. She decides to call her friend and tease him a bit but also keep it a surprise. She tells him that she has something he will be very excited about. When he arrives, she’s got her legs covered with wrapping paper. He pulls it back revealing two casts and is stunned. After talking for a bit, she asks camera to help her get upstairs and to bed for a nap. He gets her comfortable in bed and she asks him to hang out while she naps. Of course he takes the opportunity to get a closer look at her casted toes. Cut to several weeks later and you’ve come over for a visit to find Victoria up and walking around on both casts. She says her legs are fine, but she wants to talk to you about something upstairs. When you get there, she says she’s always had a fantasy about having her casted toes worshipped!

Price: $25 | 37 Min | 1080P

Or Buy it in 4K UHD for $4 more ($29). Large file size, H.265 codec: not for older computers and devices.

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