Kim’s Red SHS (AI Upscale to 1080P)

 Posted by on December 8, 2023
Dec 082023

Here’s another classic clip from 20 years ago of the fun and sexy Kim on her second shoot (I think). This is what we were posting on CF around Hallween in 2003. It was late and the clip starts off in the bedroom where Kim is in bed wiggling her toes after just having her cast finished. We tease her a little bit for not being able to put on her sock and then we get it on for her. Kim gets up out of bed and walks down the stairs. Next we see her awkwardly get out of the car and start walking down the sidewalk with a funny and exaggerated gimp as passers yell from their cars. She finds some stairs in front of a building to walk up and down. Next, she slides herself back into the car and we head back to my place where she tries to get comfortable on the couch and pose for pictures. We get some toe wiggling shots and then she gets on the floor. After that, Kim’s at the grocery store in a scooter driving around and shopping for snacks. I suggest that she walk around a little and so she gets up and walks around in her big house slipper. The clip ends with her crutching around a little in the parking lot and then getting her cast removed. It’s only sixteen minutes but so much happens, it seems longer.

Price: $20 | 16 Min | 1080P

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