Gabby Goes Shopping in a Black LLC

 Posted by on June 5, 2024
Jun 052024

On Gabby’s first shoot, she looked great and had lavendar colored hair. She showed up to this shoot with black hair looking like a total knockout, so we did a black LLC. I wanted to see how she was in public and she was great. She drives her scooter around, getting up to crutch and hop and look at stuff. She props up her cast on the basket for much of the clip, showing off her casted toes high for all to see. She talks to the camera as if you’re her friend that’s gone shopping with her. She stands up to look at clothes and jewelry and heads over to the home section to look for some nice soft things to prop her cast on. She tries on shoes and heads over to the grocery section where she hops around the isles. At one point, I went to the restroom and when I came out I saw her hopping quite a distance to throw somethng away. I managed to catch the tail end of it on video. Enjoy this 36 minutes of great footage of the super sexy Gabby!

Price: $25 | 36 Min | 1080P

Or Buy it in 4K UHD for $4 more ($29). Large file size, H.265 codec: not for older computers and devices.

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