Betty’s Content Creator Leg Break LLC

 Posted by on June 13, 2024
Jun 132024

We find Betty at the start of this clip taking a jog on a paved trail at a park. When she gets to a slippery patch of mud, she slips and falls to the ground. She’s immediately sure she’s broken something. She takes a moment to just breath and clutch onto her leg. She eventually gets up on one foot and hops over to the nearest picnic bench where she slowly takes off her shoe. She realizes that she doesn’t have her phone and that she’s going to have to hop to her car, so she painfully puts her shoe back on and hops back to her car and gets inside. Next, we see Betty in an LLC talking to her friend on the phone about needed to ramp up her content creation now that she’s going to be off work for a while. The friend agrees to come over and film her in her cast for her fans pages. Before you arrive, she does a live Q&A stream for her friends where she talks about what her cast is like and how it feels and what her love life is like. She talks for a long time and carefully moves her casted toes to the camera for her fans. When her friend arrives to film her, he films everything, including her bumping her cast into things and hurting her leg even more. Finally, she notices you being aroused by her cast while filming her.

Price: $20 | 42 Min | 1080P

Or Buy it in 4K UHD for $4 more ($24). Large file size, H.265 codec: not for older computers and devices.

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