Kiara’s Orange LLC

 Posted by on May 17, 2024
May 172024

Kiara is a new model and we did a story on our first shoot. In this clip, she’s got a newly broken leg in an orange LLC from a soccer accident and her leg is killing her. She thought she could still get out to the park and do some crutching but starts regretting it immediately, crutching up the first big hill. She’s having a bad time already and now it looks like it’s about to rain. As soon as she finds a bench to sit, it starts pouring so she has to look for shelter. She crutches in the rain to find the nearest shelter. When she finds a gazebo, she encounters her first stairs and hurts her leg going up them. She calls her friend to vent about how awful her day is and how she’s going to do this for eight weeks. She eventually decides to make a run for it back to her car because the rain has died down a little. As she’s going down the steps, she stumbles and hurts her leg because of her slippery sandal and too short crutches. In pain/rain, she starts crutching back to the car. After a painful journey with soaked cast, she carefully props it up with her crutch and calls her friend again to tell her about it.

Price: $15 | 23 Min | 1080P

Or Buy it in 4K UHD for $4 more ($19). Large file size, H.265 codec: not for older computers and devices.

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