Betty’s Med Elbow Brace

 Posted by on April 24, 2024
Apr 242024

Betty had a real life accident recently. She fell and thought she had broken her arm. It turned out to be a dislocated elbow. She managed to relocate it herself but still has to be in an elbow brace for at least six weeks. In this video, you’re Betty’s friend and she’s calling to tell you about it and if you want to meet up to talk. After that, we watch Betty getting ready to leave. First, she changes her pants mostly just using one arm. Then, she removes her brace so she can change her shirt, taking a moment to look at her swollen elbow. She puts on a shirt and then puts her brace back on. She heads to the bathroom to brush her hair and sits on the floor to carefully put on her shoes. After that, she gets in the car and drives to the park using only her good hand to steer. You meet her at the park and you walk together. She gives you the short version because it’s cold and windy outside. She suggests that you leave the park and get a coffee. When you meet her at the coffee shop, she’s just finishing up some work on her laptop and then gives you the entire story in detail, talking for 20 minutes straight about it! Stay tuned because we’ll be doing another shoot with her arm brace and a cast soon!

Price: $10 | 35 Min | 1080P

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