Gabby’s Faux Term SLC

 Posted by on March 12, 2024
Mar 122024

Welcome the beautiful new model Gabby! I’ve had some specific requests for SLCs and boots lately and we’ve got both in this video with a new model that I’m hoping to see lots more of. This is a very slow paced video with lots of beautiful prolonged shots of Gabby’s bare casted toes and sock clad toes. The video starts out with Gabby in bed with her legs propped up on pillows. One leg has an SLC and the other a boot and she has tube socks over both feet. She wiggles her toes in the socks for a while before carefully removing the boot, taking off the sock and then putting it back on. She eventually removes the sock from her other foot and then calls a friend to tell them about her snowboarding accident and how her leg hurts but she does think that her cast looks pretty cute. She carefully crutches to the restroom and back to bed. Cut to weeks later and Gabby is out of the boot and is up and walking around on her cast with tube socks. She does stuff in the kitchen and sweeps the floor. She eventually takes a break and pulls off her socks to reveal her aged and signed cast. She works on putting the ornaments away from the tree before walking upstairs on her cast. She tries to get comfortable in bed in some sexy poses and calls a friend to talk about how she thinks that some guys like casts, especially this really attractive guy at the gym that’s obsessed with her cast.

Price: $20 | 38 Min | 1080P

Or Buy it in 4K UHD for $4 more ($24). Large file size, H.265 codec: not for older computers and devices.

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