Maru’s Housecleaning 90° LLC – Part 2

 Posted by on January 2, 2024
Jan 022024

The last time we saw Maru she had just finished up a house cleaning gig with you as her company. When she was finished, she asked if you would want to go shopping with her. Now, she’s looking for some new clothes and a bigger sock to put over her toes. An experienced crutcher, Maru crutches through the store with ease. She’s got a small girly sock over her toes that we can see from behind due to her bent knee. As she collects things to try on, she just hangs them from her crutches. In the shoe department, she first takes off her sock (revealing a beautiful pedicure) and looks for a slipper she can put over her casted toes. She then looks for a shoe for her good foot and eventually crutches out of the store with no sock over her toes. Next, she’s at a sandwich shop ordering some food. She crutches over to get a drink and then takes her food and has a seat. Maru likes to chat about plants so I thought that she might like to crutch around the garden center at the local hardware store and she really did enjoy that. She had a lot of fun being silly, crutching around all the plants and explaining what they are.

Price: $15 | 42 Min | 1080P

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