Betty’s ULC

 Posted by on October 3, 2023
Oct 032023

Betty is waking up in bed with her ULC and her broken legs are painful. She immediately starts moaning about her broken legs and pulls back the cover to reveal her ULC. She props her leg up on a pillow and reads a book as she wiggles her toes. She tries moving to different positions to try and get more comfortable. From her POV, she moans about her poor broken legs. She’s hungry and dehydrated so she calls a friend to try and get them to come help her but they’re not able to come. Realizing that she must fend for herself, she figures out how to get out of bed and onto the floor. She painfully drags her cast over to the steps and begins scooting herself down. She’s not sure what to do when she reaches the bottom, so she tries pulling herself on her stomach, on her side and her butt. In the kitchen, she uses her arm strength to pull herself up onto a chair and gets a drink of water. Finally, she makes her way to a comfy chair in the living room.

Price: $20 | 25 Min | 1080P

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