Jessica Lynn Breaks her Knee to Get a Pink CLC

 Posted by on September 7, 2023
Sep 072023

In this sponsored shoot, we get to see how Jessica would get a CLC for her boyfriend. Jessica is sitting on the couch as you admire her legs and feet. She says she would do anything to turn you on and so you take the opportunity to suggest that she break her knee so she can get a CLC for you. She is a little surprised at first, but she agrees to do it if it would turn you on. She contemplates how she should do it and she sees a hammer sitting on the table that she was using earlier to hang some pictures. She decides that a swift blow to the kneecap would be the easiest way to get a medical CLC for you. She gets up the courage and gives it a whack. Immediately she knows that it worked on the first try and she’s in a great deal of pain. Eventually, she’s able to hop so you can take her to the hospital. Next, she’s in bed, still moaning with pain but still kinda trying to tease you about her sexy new cast. Cut to a couple weeks later and she’s carefully walking around the house doing chores and she acts cute and teases you a bit as you follow her around. Further in the future, we see her walking around outside and her knee is feeling much better. She’s very happy that she decided to get her CLC and loves how much fun you’ve been having. Later, she invites you to come to bed.

Price: $15 | 28 Min | 1080P

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