May 232022

It’s Dahlia’s first shoot ever and she’s very outgoing and was very excited to do a shoot when a friend told her about it. She calls herself a “pastel goth” and it matches her bubbly personality. In this shoot, she’s been put in a straight LLC with a pointed ankle and some colorful stripes. She’s not good on crutches so she’s been given a cast shoe and told to step carefully on it. But her cast shoe doesn’t help much because of the angle of her foot. She calls friends to talk about her cast and what it’s like as she attempts to walk around the park. As time goes on, her leg starts bothering her more and she gets increasingly whiney until she’s finally had it with her cast shoe and throws it away. But then she’s got to walk through dirt and mud, getting her poor casted toes very dirty. Cut to later and she’s had her cast cut down to a pointed SLC and she’s on the phone telling a friend about it. She’s very happy to be able to move her knee again, but when she gets to the parking garage, she can’t find her car. She has to walk all over the place until she gives up and has to sit down, where we get a closeup look at her dirty cast and toes.

Price: $10 | 23 Min | 1080P

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