Bella’s Pink DSS

 Posted by on December 11, 2015
Dec 112015

bellapinkdss12/11/15 – Those that enjoyed the pictures are really going to like this clip. It starts out with Bella eating some pizza. She was starving while I was making the cast and she couldn’t wait to eat, but her friend had to feed her. There’s some funnymoments as you’ll see. She picks up the house and sweeps the floor and tries to play video games with her friend holding the controller, but resorts to trying with her feet. There’s also a funny part where Bella keeps running into the guy with her cast and she didn’t know I was filming 🙂


Resolution: 1080P

Running Time, 21 Min.

Price: $16

Or get the clip plus 50 images from this set, in 10MP resolution, for only $18

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